Featured Official Review: Child of Fire by Ela Lourenco

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Re: Featured Official Review: Child of Fire by Ela Lourenco

Post by bluesky5_ » 15 Jul 2018, 11:54

A very colorful description of this fantasy world, which reminds me of the movie, "Dark Crystal".

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Post by Nicole_Boyd » 15 Jul 2018, 18:41

This book sounds intriguing! Thank you for the wonderful review I’ll have to start the series from the beginning. :)

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Post by Eileen R » 16 Jul 2018, 03:16

It has been some time since i read a fantasy novel I think I'll give this a try

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Jerry Ekid
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Post by Jerry Ekid » 16 Jul 2018, 05:48

This book teaches alot about acceptance and assimillation.
Ups and downs, sad and happy moments. Great!

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Post by Ashleyreads123 » 16 Jul 2018, 15:05

Child of Fire is a telling story of a coming-of-age child hero. The turmoils thrown her way while facing her destiny of being a dragon are realistic and invigorating. I personally love stories like this that make us think outside the box and breach to new worlds of ideas and magic.

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Post by olawalejoshua » 16 Jul 2018, 16:29

Wow the first time i saw the topic on my review book of the day i thought is not going to be interesting but when go through the book i now realise the book should not be judge by the cover but what's inside of it.

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Post by Anthony Martial Tata » 17 Jul 2018, 01:29

Lara is clearly obsessed with magic. She has a difficult time dealing with students in her new surrounding. would recommend the book to lovers of thrillers.

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Post by Duchess_dome » 17 Jul 2018, 01:48

Absolutely love it. I take real delight in fantasy books and this one! She's a dragon shifter... How cool is that!? The cover doesn't really tell much but I love it anyway. It's been my childhood dream to be a firebender. Lol

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Post by Daviesmurf » 17 Jul 2018, 02:12

wow book two? and did i just hear dragon?, i think i'll just have to read the first book before reading this one,.
Thanks for tje review

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Post by misatifelix » 17 Jul 2018, 03:16

I like the way Lara hides her dragon nature to avoid being persecuted. It reminds me of a time I had secrets just to avoid being criticized by my friends. Cant wait for the third series.

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Post by NL Hartje » 17 Jul 2018, 09:39

bluesky5_ wrote:
15 Jul 2018, 11:54
A very colorful description of this fantasy world, which reminds me of the movie, "Dark Crystal".
Hmmmm, never saw that one. I’ll have to check it out!
“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.”
-Dr. Seuss

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Post by Aehr08 » 17 Jul 2018, 20:51

this good book i can read.i love fantasy about dragon .magical world is great its amazing for me.story have up and downs sad and happy stories.its good to read this book..love it

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Post by amorroy21 » 18 Jul 2018, 12:51

This is good i really i like it,the dragons and the other characters in the story. The story reminds me of my childhood fantasy.

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Post by vowels » 19 Jul 2018, 06:38

Although i've not finish the story, i have told all my friends about the book and they all fell in love with it. Its really interesting.

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Post by joycechitwa » 19 Jul 2018, 10:15

A wonderful review of the fantasy book, set in a land with blue grass, lilac skies and green seas. It definitely piques at my interest, as I start to wonder how Lara, having just discovered that she is also a dragon, comes to term with this aspect of herself, and actually uses it to become the star of the story. It would be also interesting to know how she wards off the "bad guys" who suspect that she could be a dragon, ready to kill her off as other dragons were eliminated long ago. Definitely worth a read for those who enjoy other fiction books.

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