Official Review: Ten Directions by Samuel Winburn

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Re: Official Review: Ten Directions by Samuel Winburn

Post by ButterscotchCherrie » 10 Feb 2018, 03:55

Lysander99 wrote:
09 Feb 2018, 20:23
Thanks for the review whilst i liked the science fiction themes and concepts you mentioned the fact that this book has multiple protagonists and multiple perspectives does not fill me with confidence about the book. What makes it worse is your statement that the book should be condensed or trimmed as it seems like some parts are unnecessarily lengthy.

It is much easier to do multiple perspectives in film or television as the audience can see the settings of the multiple perspectives for themselves and do not have to rely on the author or character's interpretation.
Yes, the characters are in different settings; different scenes would of course be very apparent in a film. The writer does make good use of the multiple perspectives in this book though. Thanks for reading and replying!

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Post by AbbyGNelson » 19 Feb 2018, 11:43

Cotwani wrote:
23 Jan 2018, 12:00
The premise sounds amazing. It's a shame about the lengthy parts and grammatical errors. I hope to read it.
I agree with you! Science Fiction almost always sounds interesting to me because the premises are so unique, but it's sad that it didn't follow through in the execution as well as it could have.

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Post by gali » 26 Apr 2019, 08:04

A dystopian that blends ecological and Buddhist philosophy themes sounds original, but it sounds too complex and tedious a read despite the injection of humor. Vivid writing style, great world building , and good concepts add to the tale. Hopefully, those grammatical errors were fixed by now. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Bluebird03 » 26 Apr 2019, 08:09

Lively dialogue and humor always add so much to the story. Thank you for an excellent review!

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Post by MsTri » 26 Apr 2019, 08:17

Thanks for the review, but I'm kind of iffy about science fiction, and I don't think I want to read this tale that "explores the purpose of human life and the perils of pushing the limits too far."

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Post by aolayide » 26 Apr 2019, 08:18

I think "Ten Directions" by Samuel Winburn is an interesting story. The different characters and different perspectives add uniqueness to it. It makes it possible to imagine the evolution of the world from varying points of view.

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Post by Laura Bach » 26 Apr 2019, 08:24

This science fiction book has an interesting premise. I will give it a try. Congrats!

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Post by ElizaBeth Adams » 26 Apr 2019, 08:41

I appreciate the themes that this book explores and the hard work that had to go into a work of this length and complexity. This one is not for me though. Thank you for a very well-written review.

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Post by Ruba Abu Ali » 26 Apr 2019, 08:42

The premise behind the book sounds engaging. It's outside my comfort zone, but I'm intrigued enough to give it a try. Thanks for the candid and insightful review.

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Post by Renu G » 26 Apr 2019, 08:45

As a science fiction novel imagining the 22nd century, this book looks quite interesting. The author is very creative. Those who have interest in this genre will enjoy it.

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Post by Amy+++ » 26 Apr 2019, 08:46

Isle of the author's imagination with the story but I wasn't interested.

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Post by unamilagra » 26 Apr 2019, 08:47

I like that this book has a focus on Buddhism, I don't think I've heard of a science fiction book like it before. However, it seems like this one probably has too many characters and includes too many details for me to enjoy personally.

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Post by allbooked+ » 26 Apr 2019, 08:52

At first glance this did not seem like my kind of tale but your review has intrigued me enough to give it a try! Thank you for the insightful and comprehensive review!

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Post by Janalyn101 » 26 Apr 2019, 08:55

This review is just as impressive as the sample of the book you had a great grasp on what the book is about and explained it comprehensively. It makes the book sounds super interesting. Thanks for the great review! :techie-studyingbrown:

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Post by Emy Katherine » 26 Apr 2019, 08:58

A compelling story with a vivid writing style and lively dialogues between the characters! Unfortunately, I am not the target audience; I don't like reading science-fiction novels. However, fans of the genre will enjoy it. Thank you for the detailed review!

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