Official Review: The Darkest Lie by Angela Day

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Official Review: The Darkest Lie by Angela Day

Post by katiesquilts » 29 Dec 2017, 19:56

[Following is an official review of "The Darkest Lie" by Angela Day.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Some part of Thane urges him to be invisible, to not stand out. He was doing a good job blending in, too, until the outgoing transfer student Remi showed up. Remi picks him to be her newest friend, effectively drawing Thane out into the spotlight. Then, his chemistry teacher tries to burn and electrocute him in front of the entire class and a man from a secret organization appears to help sort things out.

In Angela Day’s The Darkest Lie, Thane finds out that his entire life has been one big lie. At the secret organization he’s been invited to, Sanctum, he tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered knowledge to understand just who — and what — he is. Unfortunately, all the arrows point to him being a monster. It's up to Thane to learn to control himself and the power inside of him, but he only has one week of training and many other problems garnering for his attention.

I truly enjoyed Angela Day’s storytelling. She started off slow, giving the readers a lot of background and letting us get to know the main characters before things started getting crazy. I had plenty of time to fall in love with Thane and Remi before more characters were introduced. Unfortunately, once things started getting busy within the novel, the storytelling got out of hand. A handful of characters were introduced all at once, making it hard to sort out who was who. Action sequences happened right after characters were introduced, so they were hard to follow. Thane spent a lot of his time at Sanctum getting knocked unconscious, then waking up to a fight or some ridiculous set-up before getting knocked unconscious again. There were a few scenes where I wanted to roll my eyes and skip ahead because there was just no plot value to them.

Although the story got out-of-hand halfway through the novel and ended with almost no warning, I enjoyed the character development and the way that the readers learned as Thane learned. I felt that this is a great YA novel that could turn into an even better series with the help of an editor who could tone down some of the scenes in the middle and give the readers a breather while both they and Thane adapt to the new environment.

Overall, I would give The Darkest Lie 3 out of 4 stars. I became attached to the characters and would love to know what happens next in the story, but I didn’t appreciate some of the overly-long and unnecessary scenes in the first book. Also, there were a few typos and missing/additional words throughout the book, but I thought the editing was quite well-done for a self-published book. I would definitely recommend this book to young adults, especially those who enjoyed the Percy Jackson series. This book is part of a series and several questions have been left unanswered by the end of the first book, so I would not recommend it to people who want a quick, uncomplicated read.

The Darkest Lie
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Post by kandscreeley » 02 Jan 2018, 08:49

I hate when novels end unexpectedly. It leaves me going, "What just happened?" Still, this sounds like a great story. Your whole life was a lie? That would be distressing to say the least. Nice review, thanks!
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Post by Hildah Mose » 02 Jan 2018, 11:23

Nice review. Though the book doesn't sound like my kind of read, with possessing powers and all. I'll have to pass. Thanks for your honesty

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Post by Kat Berg » 02 Jan 2018, 14:50

YA of this sort is my go-to if I am looking for something that is light and relatively easy. Editorial issues always annoy me, but it sounds like those could be sorted out easily enough. Thanks for the review. You do a good job of giving me just enough information to draw me in (what is the big lie?? I've got to know :) ).

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Post by Lg_99 » 02 Jan 2018, 19:45

Thank you for the review. I do not like rushed endings, but since you said the book is part of a series, then I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. I think I will be checking this one out and see how it goes.

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Post by Miriam Molina » 02 Jan 2018, 23:14

Thane goes to the Sanctum to get knocked unconscious time and again, discover that he is a monster, and fight whomever or whatever ( including the three-headed dragon on the cover, I guess). That's some crazy action that is bound to get out of hand. I believe the YA have the energy for this book. I'm not sure I do, though.

Thanks for an illuminating review of The Darkest Lie, Katiesquilts!

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Post by Sahani Nimandra » 03 Jan 2018, 00:55

The plot sounds interesting but please give a bit more detail on the summary it is a little bit difficult to have a clear picture as to what is happening, this makes it difficult for me to accept this book. The premise seem good and the details were worth noting. Thank you!
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Post by Boypnet1 » 04 Jan 2018, 13:26

You learn from your mistakes so the author should just take time and do well in the other to come series

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Post by CatInTheHat » 05 Jan 2018, 16:33

I hate it when a story ends abruptly. That would have frustrated me too.
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Post by kent03 » 07 Jan 2018, 02:09

lie will never be good what aspect it is.

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Post by Whitney Marchelle » 07 Jan 2018, 23:41

Great review.seems like a great story. Interesting cover.

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Post by dunamisbenjamin » 08 Jan 2018, 17:47

Great review. I think it would be nice to read it.

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Post by Vitaliz » 17 Jan 2018, 15:42

A great book. Big five to the author.

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