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Review of Escape from Tridon

Post by Stephanie Runyon »

[Following is an official review of "Escape from Tridon" by Ben Kilgore.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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Commander Nireem and his crew are curious about the inclusion of civilians boarding the recently modified New Dawn. Commander Nireem was not sent the mission details from the Tridon Directorate until seven days after leaving his home planet’s orbit. The mission was to lead the civilians to colonize a new planet, 26q235-3. Tridon’s planetary star, Jua, was growing and would destroy Tridon; therefore, everyone aboard the New Dawn would never return. Nireem chose to share the news with just his crew. He asked the medical staff to scan the microchips for each civilian so he could learn more about the directorate’s chosen colonists. Senior Medical Specialist Eniada was dismayed to find that only nine candidates were likely to survive. 
Traveling to the new planet proves to be perilous, costing the lives of five civilians when the ship is hit by something that causes damage to the ship. Commander Nireem announces that their new destination will no longer have social classes. Salguodir is clearly upset that the lower class is now equal to the upper-class citizens. The first landing vessel crashes into trees on its descent to the new planet. Nireem directs everyone to work together to start the new settlement. Eleven days later, the second landing vessel landed without problems several miles away. Senior Pilot Ecurben has less trouble setting up the second settlement. As the weather begins to turn cold, both settlements rush to prepare for survival. However, Nireem and Ecurben have found traces of other intelligent life forms that could possibly threaten their lives.
Ben Kilgore’s Escape from Tridon features the Tridonian citizens being told they are going on a spaceship adventure. The three social classes show the obvious lack of planning that the directorate considers when saving their species. Mamlakas and Rabizut don’t do any type of physical labor and view Amilikuts as inferior. Ironically, the Amilikuts have the survival skills necessary to live without technology. Even the crew members of New Dawn rely heavily on technology, especially when they are unable to recharge their Digital Applications Prosthesis units. The dangers they face in space are greatly heightened when they have to cross through a black void. The leadership styles of Nireem and Ecurben are markedly distinct, as Ecurben cares about defense weaponry while Nireem cares about cultivation. 
Escape from Tridon needs another round of editing. I found over ten errors. Most of them were with the spelling of the character names. For example, Cariden is often misspelled as Curiden. 
I rate Escape from Tridon four out of five stars. Other than editing, the book is intriguing with the various items that the colonists uncover that indicate they may not be the only intelligent life forms on the planet. It was captivating to see how much society relies on technology. There are some funny parts to the story, especially when describing what some passengers brought with them. Computer games and DVDs would fail to be useful without electricity. The various characters add depth to the unpredictable plot.
Young adult fans of science fiction novels about alien life forms will find Escape from Tridon appealing. While there are several mentions of death and relationships, they are not in detail. 

Escape from Tridon
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Post by Sandre Lamar »

The book titled "Escape from Tridon" by Ben Kilgore is a fascinating tale of survival and societal transformation. The novel explores the challenges of colonizing a new planet and the clash between social classes. The story is compelling and the characters are well-developed.
Areena David
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Post by Areena David »

I feel it is a thought-provoking book. Reading a book like "Escape from Tridon" offers several benefits to the reader, enriching the imagination with an epic tale of space exploration and encountering alien life forms. It highlights themes of survival, technology, social challenges, and leadership in unfamiliar environments. Additionally, the novel stimulates contemplation about the future of humanity and coexistence with other life forms. Moreover, the story provides thrilling adventure, making it an enjoyable and exciting experience for science fiction enthusiasts, especially young readers seeking inspiring stories about challenges and discoveries in unknown worlds.
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Post by NetMassimo »

Maybe I'm old for this novel but the story seems well-constructed with the depiction of social issues, hence going beyond simple adventure, so I hope the author does another round of proofreading to make it excellent. Thank you for your great review!
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Slippy Spectrum
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Post by Slippy Spectrum »

Review: Escape from Tridon seems like a captivating science fiction novel with an intriguing plot and well-developed characters. The concept of civilians embarking on a perilous mission to colonize a new planet, while facing challenges and potential threats from other intelligent life forms, adds excitement to the story. The book highlights the reliance on technology and how it can be both a blessing and a hindrance in survival situations. Although some editing is needed, the overall reading experience appears to be enjoyable. I would rate Escape from Tridon four out of five stars. It would be a good pick for young adult science fiction fans seeking an engaging story with alien encounters. Dynamic characters, each with their own compelling arc.
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