Review by Donald A Axon -- A Kingdom Forgotten

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Review by Donald A Axon -- A Kingdom Forgotten

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[Following is a volunteer review of "A Kingdom Forgotten" by Charles W. McDonald Jr..]
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4 out of 4 stars
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A Kingdom Forgotten is an epic fantasy tale with immense feats of magic and heroic deeds, encompassing not only several worlds and different time periods but also several dimensions. The book is written by Charles W. McDonald Jr. and is the first in the “A Throne of Souls” series. The story revolves around two main characters: Damon who is a powerful magician and Radon who is a young man fast approaching adulthood.

Damon has a plan that he has been following for centuries. At this time, he realizes that although he is very powerful, his magic is not strong enough to complete the task he set for himself. This leads him to search for alternate forms of energy to power his spells.

Radon has no idea that he too is a caster until events conspire to send him on a quest to fulfil an ancient prophecy. He embarks upon his journey with some companions. Along the way, others join the quest and help him understand what is happening to him. Then Radon accidentally triggers a relic built by Damon; this causes his consciousness to travel to Damon’s home where he receives instruction in the magical arts.

This story has a very complicated plot with many subplots and counterplots. I found it fascinating trying to extrapolate what would come next. At times it is a struggle to keep the story straight in your mind especially as some of the characters seem to want to both help Damon and stop him! Speaking of characters, there are many in this storyline. Some of them reappear after a long break in the story, and it can be hard to remember where they were mentioned before, and what their purpose is. That being said, they are all needed and the story would be diminished if any were missed out.

I absolutely love this story! I especially love the scenes of the grand magic undertakings. There was one great scene where Damon was trying to channel a new kind of energy to power his magic which resulted in him blowing half of his home to pieces.

As there is travel between worlds and dimensions, there are times when there is a crossover of technology. The story contains swords of many types, including the legendary Excalibur. There are also pistols and a mini-gun for comparison. There are also many forms of transport which include horses, cars, tanks and also a dragon (though these last two could also be used as weapons).

Charles describes places and people in vivid detail. The people seem to leap off the page, with detailed back stories that bring them to life and make them very distinct from one another. The map seems to be very detailed too, with a certain congruency among the locations. I could always envision exactly what was happening and where it took place.

The book appears to be well edited, with only a few errors spotted. These errors are along the line of both missing or extra words and a mix-up in the tenses. Charles opens with a warning about how complicated the book can be to follow, and he gives instructions on how the formatting of the book works. There is also a comprehensive glossary to help with terms, though I wish he’d included a character list too. I wholeheartedly give this book 4 out of 4 stars and recommend it to all fans of fantasy books, especially those people that, like me, love magic. The story does have a hard plot to follow which may be beyond the scope of younger readers.

A Kingdom Forgotten
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