Official Review: DragonGate by Sam Venstone

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Brandi Noelle
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Re: Official Review: DragonGate by Sam Venstone

Post by Brandi Noelle » 10 Nov 2017, 01:16

Thanks for the review! Fantasy is not typically my genre of choice, though this plot sounds unique enough. I appreciate your point-of-view regarding the lack of importance given to the female characters. Could be the era in which the book takes place, if perhaps it is during a time when women remained in more secondary roles. Or, maybe, just a male-dominated novel, as you suggested. I agree that having so many names with commonalities is extremely confusing, especially when those names are so unusual.

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Post by TheWriteAngel » 10 Nov 2017, 01:24

DragonGate seems quite interesting. Being a high fantasy with dragons and magical places it's right up my alley. It's a little disappointing that the female characters have secondary roles in the book. I'd still love to check it out. Great job on the review.

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Al Chakauya
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Post by Al Chakauya » 10 Nov 2017, 01:45

It seems a great read, but 800 pages!, thats a toll order for me. I am not into epic stories though, but it seems an intriguing story from the morsels I picked from your review. A great review as usual.

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Swara Sangeet
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Post by Swara Sangeet » 10 Nov 2017, 02:00

Sounds good for me! Congrats on the BOTD.

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Post by Lanrypat » 10 Nov 2017, 02:04

It might be boring reading this book but with time it's going to be quite interesting. Nice work

-- 10 Nov 2017, 02:04 --

It might be boring reading this book but with time it's going to be quite interesting. Nice work

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Post by DMNGABO » 10 Nov 2017, 02:05

DragonGate by Sam Venstone.
Thank you for the great review and I have read the first 6 pages in less than 30 minutes! This shows how captivating the book is and can hold your attention for quite a bit!!

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willy mwatumia
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Post by willy mwatumia » 10 Nov 2017, 02:30

Fantastic review. The preview of the book reminded me of "King Solomon's mines" an old classic translated in many languages, including Swahili, East African language embraced by many communities in the region. For a fairy tale 800 pages are enormous. I recommend it to youths with flair for cartoons.

Nwonye Obini
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Post by Nwonye Obini » 10 Nov 2017, 02:41

Good review. Fantasy stories can be entertaining. There is no real fiction. Fiction is part of us. What someone has crafted as a fiction is similar to what the subconscious has crafted as a dream. A dream is a story with scenes, set in certain places, using bits and pieces of what the individual has seen. The pieces can be distorted or joined in funny ways to create what can be called a fantasy.

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Post by Michaelpapi » 10 Nov 2017, 02:44

I've just finished reading this novel "Dragongate" which I found on Amazon. It's by a new author by the name of Sam Venstone. It's kind of like fantasy meets therapy which is really unusual. In some ways it follows C. S. Lewis who used fantasy to promote Christian values, or L. Frank Baum whose Wizard of Oz contains characters representing different social classes, but "DragonGate" isn't as obviously allegorical. I'd be curious to hear from anyone else who might have read it and what they think. It's not pure fantasy for its own sake and it's not some kind of preachy self-help book but somewhere in between. I must admit I like novels that straddle multiple genres.

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Post by Byronemunga » 10 Nov 2017, 03:14

This novel is great. I'm glad I came across it.

It clearly brings out significant themes such as:
-decision making

It indeed inspired me greatly

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Post by versatileer » 10 Nov 2017, 03:23

DragonGate by Sam Venstone is an epic-fantasy about gods, dragons, calendars, monasteries in the tune of a Sci-Fi. A great brotherhood is attained through adventure of a villager and a hero’s journey of monks who travel with him. The book has a 3 out of 4 stars rating.

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Post by Drilona » 10 Nov 2017, 04:13

I'm not very into fantasy books....but I might give the book a shoot.

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Post by TIGER999 » 10 Nov 2017, 04:14

Whew! 800 pages is a lot...but I bet fantasy lovers will enjoy this complex saga...with that many pages, it's bound to be a tale with a lot of adventure. Thanks for an adventurous review!

Atabon Della
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Post by Atabon Della » 10 Nov 2017, 04:19

I understand this is a novel; and importantly, it's fantasy but at times I can't help but think that books have too much to say. Humans have spirits but I have never known animals to have spirits as well: at least not until I read this review. Thanks for the review.

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Post by Rosela » 10 Nov 2017, 04:36

Its a promising novel! Although it only has no female charachter it is a very great story! I advise you reading it, its worth it! ;)

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