Review of The Awakening of Zeke Destin

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Zanne Crystle
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Review of The Awakening of Zeke Destin

Post by Zanne Crystle »

[Following is an official review of "The Awakening of Zeke Destin" by Robert McCoy.]
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2 out of 5 stars
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"The Awakening of Zeke Destin” by Robert McCoy is a science fiction novel that blends concepts about artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics, and neuroscience with themes of friendship and existential questions about life and the universe.

The story centers around Zeke Destin, who is contemplating his future after completing high school, and his best friend, Angus MacGee, who has a clear and determined plan for the next stage of his life. As they go about their lives, Zeke becomes intertwined with the workings of a powerful and mysterious entity. His life takes an exciting turn as he embarks on adventures into the unknown.

The relationship between Zeke and Angus is a highlight of the book. Zeke and Angus are close friends who balance each other well. Zeke is inquisitive and intelligent, while Angus is adventurous and mentally and physically resilient. Their friendship, filled with jokes, support, and loyalty, helps add an emotional element to the otherwise serious scientific concepts.

One of the other highlights of the book is the author’s inclusion of vibrant and fantastical images depicting the various environments Zeke finds himself in, adding a visual dimension that complements the storytelling.

Despite its promising premise, the book has several shortcomings. The character of Zeke Destin is less compelling than I had hoped, and his presence feels forced in the narrative. Although the questions he asked were relevant to the plot, they were not particularly groundbreaking, especially for the other characters in the story who had more than a basic understanding of physics.

Throughout the story, I found myself questioning why Zeke was selected to be the central character, as the narrative did not provide a satisfying answer to this question. Additionally, some of the events surrounding Zeke lacked believability. I wish I could provide specific examples, but I want to avoid revealing key plot points. While I understand that this book may be the foundation for future installments, the execution of Zeke’s character left me wanting more.

The author’s effort in compiling the scientific theory is commendable, as evidenced by the lengthy bibliography at the end of the book. However, the integration of scientific concepts into the storyline was not as engaging as I expected. The explanations often became too technical, with complex terms jumbled together, making it difficult for me to follow along. 

The book contains various grammatical issues, such as missing or misplaced punctuation, improper spelling, incorrect capitalization, incorrectly labeled chapters, and character names that are confused with one another. These issues detract from the readability and enjoyment of the book. The book requires another round of meticulous editing.

Overall, "The Awakening of Zeke Destin" did not meet my expectations. I found the plot to be lacking and the exposition to be poorly executed. Although I understand that the author put a lot of effort into the book, it was not an enjoyable read for me, and I cannot recommend it. I give it a rating of 2 out of 5 stars, deducting points for poor character development, unconvincing plot development, and grammatical issues. I hope the author will be able to revise the book in the future to improve it.

The Awakening of Zeke Destin
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Stabile Badza
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Post by Stabile Badza »

I like the loyalty of the friendship between Zeke and Angus. But besides I think the author could have added more characters
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Gautam Vegada
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Post by Gautam Vegada »

Robert McCoy's science fiction book "The Awakening of Zeke Destin" combines themes of friendship and existential concerns about life and the world with ideas from neurology, quantum physics, and artificial intelligence.

Zeke Destin, who is thinking about what to do after high school, and his closest buddy Angus MacGee, who is certain about what he wants to do with his life, are the main characters in the narrative. As they go about their daily lives, Zeke gets entangled in the operations of a strong and enigmatic force. As he sets out on excursions into the unknown, his life takes an exciting turn.

One of the book's highlights is Zeke and Angus's bond. Zeke and Angus are good pals who complement one another.
Anil Baade
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Post by Anil Baade »

You've explained very well about the book and you have mentioned the content of the book very nicely. I'll definitely start reading this book.
Saliha Hussain
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Post by Saliha Hussain »

The science fiction novel "The Awakening of Zeke Destin" by Robert McCoy blends concepts from artificial intelligence, quantum physics, and neurology with themes of friendship and existential worries about life and the universe. The protagonists of the story are Zeke Destin, who is considering his options for post-high school education, and Angus MacGee, who is confident of his life's purpose. Without a doubt, I'll start reading this book.
Nwansimdi Mercy Someze
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Post by Nwansimdi Mercy Someze »

From your review, this book sounds like an intriguing blend of science fiction elements and existential themes. The exploration of artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics, and neuroscience alongside questions about life and the universe promises to provide readers with a thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating experience.
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Post by NetMassimo »

This book's ideas are interesting with the protagonists' story and the scientific / technological elements. Sadly, the sum of its parts is not what one could hope for, so I hope the author does more editing to make the story more fluid with proper proofreading. Thank you for your honest review!
Ciao :)
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Judith Wright 1
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Post by Judith Wright 1 »

You obviously put a lot of thought into your review and you've done an excellent job detailing exactly what you did and didn't like. There are so many 4- and 5-star reviews on here that it becomes for me hard to trust any of them. I enjoy the 2- and 3-star reviews (you almost never see one with just one star) because they tend to indicate that the reviewer is more knowledgeable about literature in general.
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