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Veronica Hunter
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Review of Time Before Time

Post by Veronica Hunter »

[Following is an official review of "Time Before Time" by Dan DuBose.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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John Chantry, a retired member of the Elite Special Forces in the Space Rangers, spent his final years training recruits in the use of special weapons for zero- and low-gravity environments. After two decades of service and seeking a quieter life, John accepted a position as a bodyguard for Professor Whitmore Emerson, an esteemed academic. The generous pay, four times what he earned in the force, made the offer enticing. As John arrived at Emerson Barn, a typical setting with horse stalls and the scent of hay, he soon discovered surprises that added a twist to his seemingly ordinary new job. Explore the intriguing events in "Time Before Time" by Dan DuBose and Beau DuBose to learn if this career change fulfills John's quest for a less exciting life.
"Time Before Time" is a captivating read that delves into alternate creations and entities coexisting with Earth. Beyond our planet, numerous constellations exist simultaneously, showcasing that earthly civilization is in its infancy compared to the vastness of the universe. The book explores the interconnectedness of planets, detailing their orbits and illustrating how disruptions on one can significantly impact others. Emphasizing teamwork, it likens a team to a unified body working cohesively toward shared goals. Expertise in one's chosen field is praised, with nearly every character in the enthralling narrative being a master in their trade. The book intricately illustrates the repercussions of every action, exemplified by Colonel Turlan's decision not to alter the past to save Lt. Nikle, recognizing the potential cost in lives.
The book's immersive quality stems from the authors' vivid and lifelike depictions of each landscape and era, seamlessly drawing readers into the storyline. I applaud their meticulous scene-building, creating an intricate narrative that makes it feel as though I inhabit the same timeline as the characters. The execution of plot developments and character introductions is masterful, and the evolution of characters' knowledge and expertise sets this apart from my previous reading experiences. This constant development keeps readers engaged and eagerly anticipating what unfolds. The action sequences and the portrayal of cutting-edge technologies across various planets add to the book's compelling nature. The vivid imagery is so compelling that, at times, it challenges the perception of the story as mere fiction.
I have no reservations about this book; from start to finish, it maintains a clear direction and an unambiguous narrative.
The book stands out with its polished editing, earning a solid five out of five stars from me because it offers readers an immersive and imaginative experience. I wholeheartedly recommend it to sci-fi enthusiasts and those who enjoy books with a touch of military setting. It's truly worth the read.

Time Before Time
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Donald Cecil Hufstedler
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Post by Donald Cecil Hufstedler »

This review of "Time Before Time" by Dan DuBose and Beau DuBose portrays the book as a captivating and immersive read. The intricate narrative, vivid imagery, and constant character development are praised. The polished editing and clear direction make it a recommended choice for sci-fi and military enthusiasts. Overall, the review suggests that the book is a good read and worth picking up.
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Post by NetMassimo »

Some fascinating concepts are used with great imagination to develop this science fiction novel creating a result that makes me really curious to see the consequences. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
Pranav Dewangan
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Post by Pranav Dewangan »

The exploration of alternate creations and interconnected planets, combined with vivid scene-building, promises an immersive journey. The emphasis on character expertise and the careful execution of plot developments make it sound like a refreshing sci-fi read. The clear direction and unambiguous narrative, along with the polished editing, earn this book a top spot on my to-read list. Thanks for the recommendation.
Williams Nnodim
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Post by Williams Nnodim »

This sci-fi book gets a perfect score for its polished editing and immersive storytelling. Ideal for sci-fi fans and military setting enthusiasts, it offers a refreshing journey through interconnected planets. Thanks for the recommendation; it's now my top pick to read!
Florence Daniel
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Post by Florence Daniel »

The book intricately weaves a narrative that spans beyond Earth, detailing orbits and illustrating the impact of disruptions on interconnected planets
Dani Elle Ele
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Post by Dani Elle Ele »

The book intricately weaves a narrative that spans beyond Earth, detailing orbits and illustrating the impact of disruptions on interconnected planets.
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Post by Azaz Raja »

With its impeccably edited prose and captivating storytelling, this sci-fi novel earns top marks. Tailored for both sci-fi aficionados and enthusiasts of military settings, it presents an invigorating expedition across interlinked planets. Its clear trajectory and well-honed editing ensure it secures a prominent place on my reading roster. I am grateful for the suggestion.
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Sbitan Mohammad
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Post by Sbitan Mohammad »

I can already feel the interesting plot holding me spellbound to reading this book. John looks to be in for surprised, I wonder why he felt that a job with four times pay would be better. Beautiful review.
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Krishna Arora 1
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Post by Krishna Arora 1 »

"Time Before Time" is compelling and thorough! You've done an excellent job summarizing the plot, highlighting key themes and elements, and expressing your appreciation for the book's immersive qualities. Your praise for the vivid scene-building, character development, and plot execution is well-founded and gives potential readers a clear idea of what to expect. Overall, your review effectively communicates your enthusiasm for the novel and provides valuable insights for anyone considering picking it up. Great job!
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Paris Kumar
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Post by Paris Kumar »

Your thorough review of "Time Before Time" showcases its immersive narrative, vivid imagery, and expertly crafted plot. Your appreciation for its seamless world-building and character development is evident, making it a compelling recommendation. Well done!
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Post by Praganshu »

What if you could travel back in time and witness the secrets of ancient civilizations? Join Emerson Whitmore and John Chantry as they explore the mysteries of Earth's past in Time Before Time, a thrilling sci-fi novel by Dan DuBose. Get your copy today! #timebeforetime #scifibooks
Neethu Jose
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Post by Neethu Jose »

"God is Willing" by Charlene Murray explains the Kingdom of Heaven, God's plan for humanity, and the difference between God and Satan. It is up to us whether we want to choose the right path, which leads to God, or the left side, which leads towards Satan. But God is waiting there for us to come back to Him, even if we are covered with sin. This book can be a good read for people who are Christians or who have an interest in Christianity. I like your review. It points out the positive and negative points of this book and also examines it thoroughly.
Jay Lu
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Post by Jay Lu »

The reviewer's insights into the book's exploration of alternate creations, interconnectedness of planets, and the emphasis on teamwork and expertise provide a clear picture of its depth and complexity. The mention of vivid landscapes and eras, along with the seamless storyline, truly highlights the authors' skill in scene-building and character development. This review has certainly piqued my interest, and I'm eager to dive into this captivating sci-fi narrative myself!
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Post by valentiareshoketswe »

The book sounds interesting as it offers readers an immersive and imaginative experience. I would love to read it as it is sci-fi and I enjoy books with a touch of military setting.
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