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Veronica Hunter
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Review of Selene's Shadow

Post by Veronica Hunter »

[Following is an official review of "Selene's Shadow" by David T Gilbert.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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"Selene's Shadow" by David T. Gilbert is a science fiction narrative unfolding the tale of the Telluris empire, a fusion of the Roman and Song Chinese empires. The Telluris empire's navy is tasked with the Eclipse Project—the creation of the most powerful human-made ship. As the project advances, a blend of human and AI control is introduced, resulting in the cloning of two human minds to captain the ships. Post-war, concerns arose about the potential implications of the project for humanity, leading to safeguards against AI dominance. Born in this era, Sorrento crosses paths with one of the ships, the Selene's Shadow, awakening its captain after a 500-year slumber. Together, they embark on a thrilling adventure in the post-war landscape of the Telluris empire.
The author's imaginative prowess in constructing this narrative is truly captivating. Pushing the boundaries of science fiction and fantasy, they elevate the genre to new heights, seamlessly blending elements of science, fantasy, and fiction. The novel offers readers a full immersion into a world where spaceships defy conventional limits with faster-than-light travel and human minds undergo cloning and transfer from biological bodies to avatars or even spaceships, transporting them to an entirely different dimension of possibilities.
Sorrento, originating from a humble farming colony, emerges as my favorite character in the novel. Her remarkable journey involves delving into the Empire's military AI history and playing a pivotal role in defending her planet from enemy invasion. Witnessing her incredible development throughout the book is truly impressive. Sorrento fearlessly accompanies Shade and Selene on their travels, displaying unwavering bravery and skill when the situation demands it. It's this daring spirit that rightfully earns her the honor of being a crew member on the empire's most powerful ship and attaining the rank of lieutenant in the empire's navy.
Discovering nothing to criticize in the book, I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience and extend my gratitude to the author for crafting such a wonderful novel. The author's writing style and the thoughtful structuring of the book deserve commendation. Particularly, the parallel presentation of pre-war and post-war events sustains a captivating suspense that effectively holds the reader's attention without detracting from the narrative's intrigue.
Awarding a flawless 5 out of 5 stars, I appreciate the captivating storyline of this book. My reading experience was thoroughly enjoyable, and the author's depiction of Sorrento, coupled with the fascinating technology explored, truly captured my attention. I highly recommend this book to enthusiasts of science fiction and fantasy, especially those who relish space fantasy. It promises to be an entertaining and immersive experience for all readers.

Selene's Shadow
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Timothy Gye
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Post by Timothy Gye »

Thank you for sharing your insightful review, Your detailed analysis highlights the author's skillful blend of science and marketing concepts, enriched by engaging personal anecdotes. It's encouraging to see the positive impact of real-world examples and the effectiveness of practical insights. Your thorough appreciation, including the absence of dislikes and recognition of the well-edited content, reinforces the book's value. Your 5-star rating and recommendation make a compelling case for readers!
Naushin Moledina
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Post by Naushin Moledina »

Thank you for sharing your insights on "Selene's Shadow." I thought it to be a horror plot, but it was actually a ship's name. I have gained a great insight on the book and now I know what to expect from it. I'm going to read this one. I appreciate your insights on the same. Hoping to read more reviews from you.
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Adam Bryce Stern
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Post by Adam Bryce Stern »

An excellent review. An of course the author's incredible imaginative prowess is necessary to be able to come up with a captivating and intriguing read like this. Will definitely check it our when I get the chance.
Andrew Darlington
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Post by Andrew Darlington »

Sorrento's character really appealed to me. The author writing style and gradual progression of the story is worthy of commendation. Your review was brilliant contained the necessary details.
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Post by NetMassimo »

This seems like a fascinating alternate history novel in which Roman and Chinese empire joined forces to conquer the stars. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
Donald Cecil Hufstedler
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Post by Donald Cecil Hufstedler »

Based on the review, "Share "Selene's Shadow" by David T. Gilbert is a captivating science fiction novel that pushes the boundaries of the genre. The imaginative world-building, blending science, fantasy, and fiction, takes readers on an immersive adventure. The protagonist, Sorrento, undergoes remarkable character development and showcases bravery throughout the narrative. With a parallel structure that sustains suspense, this book promises to be an enjoyable and immersive read for science fiction and space fantasy enthusiasts. Overall, it appears to be a highly recommended and entertaining novel."
Williams Nnodim
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Post by Williams Nnodim »

Thank you for providing your insightful review of "Selene's Shadow" by David T. Gilbert. Your description highlights the captivating nature of the science fiction narrative and the compelling character of Sorrento. It's clear that the author's writing style and the story's gradual progression left a strong impression on you. Your review is thorough and well-articulated, offering valuable details for potential readers.
Pranav Dewangan
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Post by Pranav Dewangan »

The fusion of Roman and Song Chinese empires, coupled with the imaginative blend of human and AI control in the Eclipse Project, has me hooked. Sorrento's journey from a humble farming colony to a fearless lieutenant aboard the powerful Selene's Shadow promises a captivating read. The author's seamless fusion of science, fantasy, and fiction, along with the parallel presentation of pre-war and post-war events, has me excited to dive into this immersive world.
Florence Daniel
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Post by Florence Daniel »

The novel explores the intersection of technology, humanity, and adventure in a post-war landscape, making it a compelling read for enthusiasts of speculative fiction.
Dani Elle Ele
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Post by Dani Elle Ele »

The novel delves into the intersection of technology, humanity, and adventure in a post-war landscape, making it a compelling read for enthusiasts of speculative fiction
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