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Official Review: Sands of Time; Fate of the True Vampires

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Official Review: Sands of Time; Fate of the True Vampires

Post Number:#1 by Swiftmover07
» 11 Jan 2017, 10:43

[Following is the official review of "Sands of Time; Fate of the True Vampires" by Christine Church.]

Book Cover
4 out of 4 stars
Review by Swiftmover07
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Archaeologists have been discovering scrolls, journals, and documents throughout time. From the times of ancient Egypt to 19th century France written by the same person, Kesi is part of a race called the Pet Mer, an ancient race of blood drinkers. As her family decides to leave this world behind them, Kesi stays. She had found love and wanted to stay with the human she fell in love with. Soon, though time has passed, and her beloved has grown old and died, but Kesi remains the same. As time progressed, she began to search for a way to make a "child," a process in which a human would in part be like her to help fill the emptiness left by her beloved's passing. The process is not simple, but Kesi is determined to find someone to spend eternity at her side

Sands of Time: Fate of the True Vampires is a short novella that packs a mighty punch. Author Christine Church delivers a whole new spin on the world of vampires and executes it perfectly. The writing style holds only a few things in common with traditional vampire lore but even then, those details have their original twist to them.

This novella is written in "diary format" which isn't usually my favorite but works out well to skip through various stages of time that Kesi is writing in, without feeling like the reader is missing out. Furthermore, as Kesi's entries are written in different time periods, the dialect and vocabulary changes as well, pulling the reader in and making them feel as if they are in that period with her. Sands of Time appeared to be free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. It also has excellent use of vocabulary adding to the feeling of skipping through time.

I would recommend this novella to anyone looking for an original vampire piece. The Sands of Time: Fate of the True Vampires contains romance, a hint of mystery, and a bit of action. Although it does have an abrupt ending, it just makes the reader want to rush to the next book. Also, there are no explicit scenes in this book so I would recommend for anyone 16+.

Overall, I must give Sands of Time: Fates of the True Vampires a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. I give this rating because it is original, exciting, and has excellent use of vocabulary, it has romance yet a bit of action. This is a novella I could not put down and would highly recommend to others.

Sands of Time; Fate of the True Vampires
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Re: Official Review: Sands of Time; Fate of the True Vampire

Post Number:#2 by Insightsintobooks
» 14 Jan 2017, 23:17

Thank you for this review. I love finding stories about different types of vampires and stories in diary format. I think this book sounds like a good option for me.
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Re: Official Review: Sands of Time; Fate of the True Vampire

Post Number:#3 by Katelyn Scott
» 22 Jan 2017, 17:50

Sounds interesting. Given the number of vampire-type books out there, writing one that stands out like this must be a real challenge.
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