Official Review: The Pursuit of Time by William H. May

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Official Review: The Pursuit of Time by William H. May

Post by e-tasana-williams »

[Following is the official review of "The Pursuit of Time" by William H. May.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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How many times have you heard someone say "There are no second chances at life" or, "You only live once"? In his science fiction novel The Pursuit of Time author William H. May postulates a world in which those statements are no longer true for everyone. Some people do get second chances. The year is 2038. Advances in medicine have made brain transplants possible. If the panel of judges known as the Tribunal deems an applicant worthy, the applicant may undergo a procedure in which their brain is transplanted into a donor's body, giving them a new lease on life. But demand far outweighs the supply in this new market, and not everyone is found to be worthy. Nobel Prize winners, poets laureate, and people who have contributed in major ways to science and technology are among those deemed to be deserving of a transplant. Heroes will also be considered.

Octogenarian John Axelton is a hero. But for 56 years almost no one has known it except for him and the family he rescued one fateful day in the Rocky Mountains. To the outside world he is just another retired chemistry professor in Kansas City who happens to have a slight limp he never talks about. Now he needs a transplant or, as his doctors have told him, he will die in two years. He needs a lawyer to apply for the life-saving medical procedure. That's where John's old friend Phil Douglas comes in. Phil has never lost a transplant case. He accepts the challenge to find proof of John's act of heroism over half a century ago. While John's mind is still sharp for his age, he is unsure of some of the details of his heroic act. Phil knows that without eyewitness testimony John's chances of winning his case are slim to nil. Phil finds himself putting all of his considerable resources to work to try to save his friend. He knows the clock is ticking and John isn't getting any younger.

Readers looking for an enjoyable futuristic novel will like this book. It is a relaxing, smooth read that lets the audience do some armchair traveling. Much of The Pursuit of Time is written like a travel guide to Colorado, with natural history information included. It is easy to imagine oneself in the beautiful, serene landscapes depicted in the book. Mr. May's 30-year love affair with the Colorado outdoors is evident in his vivid descriptions of the state's river valleys, mountains, gorges and buttes.

Readers who prefer their science fiction to be of the post-apocalyptic type may not enjoy The Pursuit of Time. This novel has an upbeat tone and many similarities to the world we live in today. The futuristic elements in this story are mainly related to medical innovations and lifestyle changes resulting from global warming.

The only drawback for me is that the story is mostly plot-driven. I would have liked to see more of the characters' backgrounds, perceptions and relationships. For example, Phil's long-time girlfriend Myra is described as a successful career woman that Phil feels he can't live without. Her role in the book, however, is relegated to so much window dressing for Phil's home life and travel time.

Overall I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. It is an enjoyable read with very few grammatical errors. More character development would have added to the story, though. The Pursuit of Time lets the reader envision a world in which the familiar idioms are changed to "You may only live once" and "There are sometimes second chances".

The Pursuit of Time
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Post by Rachaelamb1 »

That premise is incredible! It sounds like an interesting take on the dystopian genre. I will add this to my want to read list. Shame about the grammatical errors.
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Post by kimmyschemy06 »

Sounds like a very interesting book. However, just like you, I prefer well-developed characters complete with backstories and overall personalities. Good job on the review.
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Post by gali »

Human brain transplants and lifestyle changes? The promise sure sounds original. Sounds like an interesting tale regardless of the undeveloped characters. Good job on the review!
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Post by James Craft »

Great review! Thanks so much for the information about this book!
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Post by Boyko Ovcharov »

Lovely and very objective review indeed!
On the other hand, some readers may also like such more pensive and casual viewpoint, why should all protagonists be superheroes, combined with action-packed environments filled with tension:-)
Overall, I'd go with the scientific side to the SciFi.
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Post by Bandersnatch »

This sounds really interesting. I love scifi, and the idea of brain transplants has always fascinated me. Nice review!
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Post by mindyg123 »

Great review. Read the free sample and can't wait to read the rest. The premise has intrigued me and I'm going to buy it ASAP.
Mindyg123 :techie-studyingbrown:
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Post by Cjgarland89 »

This books sounds pretty exciting. I'm not a big sci-fi fan, but transplanting brains for a new life? Yes please! Well written review for the story, not revealing too much, but just enough mystery to sway me to read.
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Post by CrescentMoon »

This sounds like a very interesting novel. It's really creative and interesting to think about a brain transplant and having a chance at a second life. It's a shame about the character development as I also like to read about the growth of characters. Otherwise it sounds like an interesting novel. Great review!
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Post by ashley_claire »

I prefer my futuristic novels to have more action than I think this one does. Regardless, it does sound like a storyline that a lot of readers will enjoy.
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Post by Stephanieskye16 »

Thanks for the review! I'm truly intrigued by this book
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Post by Sarah_Khan »

Great job on the review! Although I don't usually read science-fiction, this book does seem unique. Having to prove you're a hero to get your brain transplanted... certainly sounds interesting. :)
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Post by Sparkletime »

From just your review I am questioning the nature of life and what makes someone worthy to live on. I have any questions but the book might answer them. I'll be looking forward to knowing if John gets a second lease on life.
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Post by Sindhu Srinath »

Book after my heart!!! I'd love to re-experience select parts of my past! Congrats on the smoothly written review. I'm sure that I'll DEFINITELY enjoy this book!
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