Review of Invasion of the Sects

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Ngozi Onyibor
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Review of Invasion of the Sects

Post by Ngozi Onyibor »

[Following is an official review of "Invasion of the Sects" by Shane Hibdon.]
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Invasion of the Sects is an action-packed science fiction/fantasy novel set in a dystopian world where alien creatures, called sects, rule. It hasn't rained in fifty years, and water has become a rationed luxury. The ground is scorched, plants don't do well, and several water sources have dried up. WaterBear, a Native Indian also known as Josey, is the only one who can find water for the sects, a gift that keeps him alive. However, the sects have a taste for the eyes of blonds with blue eyes. One day, WaterBears' adopted daughter, Julie, almost became a victim of the aliens. He saved her in the nick of time, but, he knew he had to do something to free all lives, including humans, animals, and the elusive Tautarians (former non-human sect slaves) from the sect's rule. However, he quickly discovers that the sects aren't the only obstacle he had to face.

Invasion of the Sects has lots of positive aspects. But I found the amount of respect the author has for all lives to be the book's most endearing quality. Shane Hibdon crafted a world where humans, tuatarians, and animals live and work together with dignity and respect for each other. Their union is not without conflict, but their willingness to unite for a common goal shows what's possible, with good leadership, when people work together.

The novel is rife with constant action and suspense; hence, I had no time to get bored. However, what really held me spellbound was the author's uncanny ability to make the story feel ancient yet modern. One moment you are reading about WaterBear drinking from a cave pool; the next moment, the narration shifts to when he and his father found a battery-powered projector. The transitions are always subtle and seamless, but they kept my senses engaged and invested in the story.

Overall, the novel ended satisfactorily, with all the loose ends tied up. Still, I wish Shane had fleshed out the origin of the sects' invasion and the women of the Order of Julian a bit more. I have some unanswered questions about them. Hopefully, I will get answers in the prequel, no, I don't mean sequel, when it's out.

None of the quibbles I mentioned affected my enjoyment of the book. It's a well-narrated story that is replete with intrigue and endearing characters. Though I spotted some errors while reading, they weren't distracting enough to prevent me from rating the book 5 out of 5 stars.

The story is a beautiful medley of dystopian science fiction and action with trimmings of fantasy and romance. If you enjoy novels in these genres, the book will be worth your time.

Invasion of the Sects
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Post by Sonia_Gonzalez »

I used to love action-packed dystopian novels. I never read one about aliens, so I am intrigued about Invasion of the Sects. I love the fact that the author transmitted a respect for all lives in the narrative, as we have become too selfish to care about others.
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Post by Ivana_5 »

Invasion of the Sects is a amazing novel why say as how much weather is source of life. People and animal becomes ones. In Indian world we look persons who leave with nature withaut urban life. We see important of strong community who resolve problems. Men understanding animal, and wother is a gold for everyone. In this novel we learn what is a true love of family, animal and nature. Funded wather they faund a gold od nature, and we seen how is important to protect environment. Author have modern way description novels an i recommend everyone to read this book.
Jude Michael Uchechukwu
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Post by Jude Michael Uchechukwu »

Sometimes I wish most fiction/fantasy novel set in a dystopian world become real, imagine a world where aliens, animals and humans leave in peace and harmony... How fun it will be, I love this book because it tells us how to put our difference behind when we have a common goal to achieve irrespective of who we are, what we are and where we come from.
John Kingsley Ken
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Post by John Kingsley Ken »

A action-packed fantasy novel of aliens rule. I can't wait to add this book to my bookshelf.
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Post by NetMassimo »

This novel includes a lot of action but it seems like the real substance is made of some important issues being addressed with a special focus for all life on Earth. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Cherry Rollings
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Post by Cherry Rollings »

Invasion of the sect may be another Avengers series loading. Great review!
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Post by Tshepsyt »

Invasion of an alien species... I pick up books that mostly focus more on the invasion itself and the struggle against the invasion. That's most of the books I've read, so I think I'll enjoy something different, dealing with the aftermath and possibly an uprising? I'm intrigued and I'm ready to know more...
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Kebun Bunga
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Post by Kebun Bunga »

The review of "Invasion of the Sects" provides an insightful glimpse into the action-packed world of the novel. The reviewer emphasizes the author's respect for all lives and the depiction of a society where humans, Tautarians, and animals work together with dignity and respect. This theme of unity and cooperation resonated with the reviewer, showcasing the positive aspects of the book.

The constant action and seamless transitions between ancient and modern elements captivated the reviewer's attention, keeping them engaged in the story. While the novel ended satisfactorily, the reviewer expresses a desire for more information regarding the origin of the sects' invasion and the women of the Order of Julian, hoping for answers in a potential prequel.
Sondang :tiphat:
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