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Sophia Damilola Ajayi
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Review of The beast in me

Post by Sophia Damilola Ajayi »

[Following is an official review of "The beast in me" by Gilbert De La Cruz.]
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3 out of 5 stars
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In the barren land, a baby is born from the very essence of the earth. It turns out the baby is a beast. Not just any beast, but the most dangerous predator alive. Renowned as a harbinger of destruction, he reigns as the mightiest predator in existence, unmatched by any other beast or monster. He grows up in solitude, with no one to talk to and no pleasant moments. The beast, burdened by an unparalleled power, perceives himself as cursed by the gods. He yearns for death but remains incapable of attaining it, as everything he touches disintegrates into ashes. With a single strike, he can effortlessly vanquish even the most formidable adversaries. Throughout countless ages, he has endured a solitary and melancholic existence.

However, everything changes when he encounters Melanie, the future queen of the kingdom—a human woman possessing grace, breathtaking beauty, wisdom, and an irresistible aura. In an instant, his entire world crumbles. He has never experienced the urge to protect anyone before, yet he finds himself deeply infatuated with Melanie, even without exchanging a single word. Now faced with this dilemma, what actions should he take? How can he reconcile the knowledge that a chance at a happier and more fulfilling life may lie within reach? Uncover the answers within the pages of The beast in me by Gilbert De La Cruz.

Before proceeding, I feel the need to issue a warning. This particular book is highly focused on explicit content. It is a brief and thrilling literary piece that may leave you desiring more, especially if you have a preference for intense and explicit material. The author's intention, as clearly stated in the private description, is to present an unfiltered and provocative work, which is evident throughout the pages of the book. Initially, I was uncertain about the random nature of the sexual encounters depicted until I realized that the book falls within the genre of extreme erotica. To be fair, after reading a few brief pages, I could sense the rising intensity. It provided an entertaining experience suited to its genre.

While I found the book enjoyable, there were certain aspects that left me feeling disappointed. Firstly, Aremus, who was merely brought into existence by the beast, lacked a compelling storyline. His sole role seemed to be offering guidance to his brother. I wanted to see more of him.

Additionally, I anticipated the greater presence of the daughter of the future queen and the beast. Despite being informed of her birth, there was no further development regarding her character. Overall, the story was somewhat lacking in detail. I personally wished for more depth and a more serious tone to enhance the reading experience. I would give the book a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

This rating reflects several factors. Firstly, I noticed numerous errors throughout the text, indicating a lack of professional editing. Secondly, the story's lack of depth and inability to satisfy my curiosity led me to deduct another star. However, if the book were to undergo professional editing, I would be inclined to deduct only one star due to my personal dissatisfaction.

I suggest this book to individuals who are enthusiasts of both fantasy and erotica. It provides ample space for exploring various sexual encounters and pleasures within its narrative. A mature audience is advised.

The beast in me
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Collins Umunnakwe
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Post by Collins Umunnakwe »

Wow, a nice review by Gilbert. The in-depth listing of your dissatisfaction shows how much time to put to the book. That's a nice attributes we should keep up. I think I'd love to read this book before I conclude though
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Obc Contentor
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Post by Obc Contentor »

I indeed love fantasy and erotica novels, and the description of this plot doesn't compromise on what I'm expecting of it. Thanks for a thorough analysis of the book.
Nathaniel Sarah
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Post by Nathaniel Sarah »

I must say, your review of "The Beast in Me" is exceptionally well-written and intriguing. The way you describe the main character, the beast, and his struggles with his own power and loneliness immediately grabbed my attention. It's clear that the book offers a unique premise and an exploration of complex emotions
Jimmy Cyprian
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Post by Jimmy Cyprian »

Such a nice storyline, executed perfectly fine, and then gets ruined by poor editing. It is a shame really. Thanks for your review by the way.
Boluwatife Ade Aderogbin
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Post by Boluwatife Ade Aderogbin »

The review itself is as captivating as the book and is fully detailed. This story seems like a suspenseful one, one that will keep readers at the edge of their seat. Struggle for power is one aspect of book that evident in the society today. Wonderful review.
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Post by Ivana_5 »

I recommend people why like story of horor and mistery. Novels started with born baby why is a beast. That chaild not tooking and it is a very evil beast. Chaild is a dengue for a kingdom. Thiis book is amazing and you enjoyed on beginners to end. Horor of mistery, blend and death. Beast on children is a bigest treat on the world. Read this story and you faund a dark times why authory tells on this book.
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Post by NetMassimo »

Despite the flaws you pointed out, this seems like an engaging fantasy novel with a relevant erotic content, so I hope the author does at least proper proofreading. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Kebun Bunga
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Post by Kebun Bunga »

The review for "The Beast in Me" provides an honest assessment of the book's content and highlights both its positive and negative aspects. The reviewer acknowledges the explicit nature of the book and its focus on intense and provocative material, which may appeal to readers who enjoy extreme erotica. The reviewer appreciated the book's ability to deliver on its genre and provide an entertaining experience in that regard.

However, the review also expresses disappointment in certain aspects of the book. The lack of compelling storylines for certain characters, such as Aremus, and the absence of further development regarding the daughter of the future queen and the beast, are noted as shortcomings. The reviewer also mentions the book's lack of depth and a more serious tone, which affected their overall satisfaction with the reading experience.

Based on these factors, the review rates the book three out of five stars. The errors in the text and the lack of depth contribute to this rating, although the reviewer suggests that professional editing could improve their overall assessment. The review recommends the book to readers who are enthusiasts of both fantasy and erotica, emphasizing the mature nature of the content.
Sondang :tiphat:
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