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Latest Review: Where Liberty Lies by Nathaniel M Wrey

Review of Where Liberty Lies

Post by Gavice V »

[Following is an official review of "Where Liberty Lies" by Nathaniel M Wrey.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Where Liberty Lies is a captivating futuristic epic delicately infused with elements of the past and subtle acknowledgments of the present. Serving as Book Two in the esteemed Liberty Trilogy and a compelling continuation of the dystopian masterpiece, Liberty Bound, this remarkable sequel takes readers on a mesmerizing adventure.

Finbarl and Aminatra embark on a courageous quest in search of a better life, driven by Finbarl's discovery of Mandelaton in the Athenian library. Mandelaton is an enigmatic place that they believe surpasses the civilization of Athenia. Escaping the confines and desolation of their isolated hometown, they face daunting obstacles as they traverse treacherous mountains, their aspirations and dreams propelling them forward. During their arduous journey, they surprisingly befriend a fierce and untamed Ferral, whom they affectionately name after Finbarl's mother, Maddy. Together, they encounter unforeseen dangers and captivating revelations that impede their progress. However, news reaches them through another group of friends, Captain Tarlobus and his crew, of a revitalized civilization amidst the ruins known as Parodis—a beacon of hope.

As they approach their desired haven, tragedy strikes when two members of Captain Tarlobus's crew betray him, separating the four members of the resilient family—Finbarl, Aminatra, Karlmon, and Maddy. The family's ultimate reunion is thrown into uncertainty as they confront numerous trials in various locations. Will they overcome their personal demons and find a way to reunite? Can they ultimately reach their original destination of Mandelaton, the place that ignited their journey initially?

One of the commendable aspects of this novel lies in the poignant depiction of the profound significance of familial bonds. Throughout the narrative, the family's unwavering devotion and unyielding determination never wavered, even in the face of numerous trials and tribulations. Their unwavering purpose was rooted in the fervent desire to reunite with their lost family member(s), acting as a driving force behind their every action.

It is particularly noteworthy how Maddy's inclusion only strengthened the deep connection that permeated the family. Maddy, recognizing the undeniable bond that united them, wholeheartedly embraced her place within the family unit and remained resolute in her commitment to be an integral part of their collective journey.

The writer skillfully weaves a tapestry of familial love, underscoring the enduring nature of family ties. Regardless of the challenges faced, the family's unwavering unity serves as a guiding light, reminding me of the profound impact and irreplaceable value of familial relationships. Through their unwavering pursuit, the family exemplifies the power of love, loyalty, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a detailed map at the beginning of the book proved to be a valuable asset for me, facilitating a clear understanding of the various locations and their relative distances from one another. This thoughtful addition enhanced my immersion in the story, allowing for a more vivid and comprehensive experience. Also, the book distinguishes itself through its evident professionalism in editing. The presence of only one error throughout the book indicates a meticulous editorial process, underscoring the author's commitment to delivering polished and well-crafted work. Such attention to detail contributes to the overall readability and enjoyment of the book, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted reading experience for me.

Where Liberty Lies by Nathaniel M. Wrey is an exceptional and suspense-filled novel. The book successfully captivated me with its engrossing plot, leaving me on the edge of my seat throughout the gripping narrative. I highly recommend it to readers who enjoy books about adventures. There was nothing I disliked about this book. Hence, I gladly rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

Where Liberty Lies
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Post by NetMassimo »

The first book gave me a good impression with a storyline including food for thought about important social problems. This sequel seems to offer more adventure and important themes. I'll look into this series. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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