Review of Journey Through The Rift

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Review of Journey Through The Rift

Post by Israel10 »

[Following is an official review of "Journey Through The Rift" by Christopher Hooten.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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Life is good for Horace Bascom. He lives as a billionaire physician and has secretly created one of the greatest inventions of all time: a sophisticated machine that allows its users to travel back in time. After visiting Fort Worth, Texas, in 1878, he discovers a young woman suffering from tuberculosis and vows to get medication from the present to save her life. But his mission is delayed when news of his financial status is revealed to the public after a leak to the press. Horace realizes that he cannot protect his time machine and save the woman at the same time, so he begins a search for someone dedicated to him whom he can trust to look after his home and protect his secret. It is only a matter of time before sinister forces learn of the reclusive billionaire and take significant steps to kidnap him and acquire his wealth. Can Horace reach the woman in time before she succumbs to her fatal illness? Will he be able to find someone worthy to protect his secret and his home? Read Journey Through The Rift by Christopher Hooten to find out.

This book had a lot of positive aspects. It addresses many topics that are significant to society, like freedom and corruption. Multiple characters in the book have experienced war firsthand, but they are forced to wonder about the future of the society they fought so hard for. Many times in the book, the characters ponder what life would be like if people were not so invested in technology and chose to remain disconnected from the beauty of nature around them. Hank and Katy both believe that life was much easier and more comfortable when such things did not exist, and that's why they both understand and appreciate the true purpose of Horace's miraculous invention.

The book had well-rounded characters that never failed to impress me. Despite being flawed in their ways, I admire the strength of the main characters to stand united in the face of danger and adversity. Katy is a personal favorite. Despite the suffering and grief from her past, she realizes that she must not let life leave her behind. She is a fierce person, and she fights to protect who and what she loves. I wonder why she did not feel comfortable in her skin and preferred to live as a young version of herself across the rift. But I am happy that she got the life she deserved.

I loved the ending of the book. It was perfect, in my opinion, and the author did a great job. But I hope there is a sequel to address some unanswered questions, like if Horace's device can open a rift to the future and so on. I believe these questions will be on the minds of other readers because they are crucial to the plot. I was able to learn a lot about advanced weaponry and aircraft specifics. When Ethan went shopping for a jet, there were a lot of exciting aircraft facts, which I will admit were foreign to me, but I eventually came to terms with them.

Thanks to the author, I now understand that each aircraft was built for a specific purpose, and all the details must be considered when buying one. This was also the case while I read about Hank searching for weapons and bombs to deal with intruders. I believe this is proof of experience and research on the author's part. The book never fails to deliver on its well-written action scenes, which is undoubtedly one of its best qualities. However, I must give a fair warning because the book also contains details of gore and even cannibalism.

This book also had a negative aspect. There were a lot of errors, mostly missing commas and misspellings, all over the book. This caused a lot of confusion while I was reading, and I believe this is proof that the book was not professionally edited. After considering all the factors, I have decided to rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I believe Christopher Hooten meant to write a detailed action book that incorporated time travel, and he was able to deliver it in a spectacular way. I recommend this book to lovers of science fiction and romance. It will also be a good fit for anyone who enjoys war and action books.

Journey Through The Rift
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Post by Bethany Kroeger »

A race against time is always a compelling tale, especially when it involves trying to save a life! Your review made this book seem exciting and made me want to read it! However, I am also bothered by many mistakes in a book, so the amount of errors might deter me from reading it. Awesome review though!
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Post by James Williams Uzo »

Lovers of science fiction and romance will have the time of their lives reading this book. Great review.
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Post by NetMassimo »

Romance is not my thing but this novel seems to include different themes and address some important ones. Thank you for your great review!
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Post by Kebun Bunga »

The review of "Journey Through The Rift" by Christopher Hooten provides a thorough overview of the book's positive aspects, such as its exploration of significant societal topics and well-rounded characters. The reviewer appreciates the book's portrayal of characters who have experienced war, as well as the contemplation of the impact of technology on society. The characters' strength and unity in the face of adversity are praised, with a particular admiration for Katy. The reviewer expresses a desire for a sequel to address unanswered questions and commends the author's attention to detail and research, especially in regards to aircraft and weaponry. However, the review notes that the book contains numerous errors and lacks professional editing, which caused confusion during reading. Taking all factors into consideration, the book is rated 4 out of 5 stars.
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