Review of The Elfkin Journals

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Chris Don Nwaka
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Review of The Elfkin Journals

Post by Chris Don Nwaka »

[Following is an official review of "The Elfkin Journals" by JDeVereS.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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JDeVeres's novel The Elfkin Journals Book 2: Star Singers is a captivating novel that will keep readers interested. King Garywings Knightfall is a man with a big heart, a true king, and a leader. The light world is ruled by King Garywings, and the dark world is ruled by Flamic Razorclaws. The dark world threatened to fight the light world. King Garywings saw this as a challenge because the dark world has more soldiers than the light world. As time passed, King Garywings decided to fight the dark world to prevent the dark world from overthrowing the light world. King Garywings assembled his trusted team, including his promised partner, Morning Glow. The fight was fierce and difficult. Both teams fought without fear of death. Who won the battle? How many people were killed in the battle? To find out, read this intriguing book.
This book is simply incredible; I'm not a fan of animated films, let alone novels, but this blew my mind—another Avatar, indeed. This piece was written correctly by the author. I must say that the elves and other beings were vividly described; I could picture each scene while reading this book. This book taught me what it truly means to be a leader, and not just in the traditional sense. Some people are naturally born leaders, and King Garywings Knightfall is unquestionably one of them. He did fight for the light selflessly. He was determined, along with his team, to defend the light regardless of the outcome. When I chose the book, I must admit that I didn't have high expectations for it, but as I started reading, I found that the book's curiosity kept me reading page by page.
King Garywings and his queen, Morning Glow, are two of the characters in this novel that I particularly like. I adore how King Garywings led his people and how his queen, Morning Glow, stuck by him and supported him all the way to the end. She was a great companion and queen, no doubt. When both partners support, defend, and protect one another in all circumstances and trials of life, a relationship is meaningful. These two serve as ideal models of a harmonious couple. My viewpoint on many things has changed as a result of the book, including how I interact with others. The author expertly combines suspense and action. 
This novel captured my attention and held my interest. There is nothing about this book that I could criticize as being unpleasant. I found myself on the edge of my seat as I read about how this King and his team bravely battled for the light. I discovered a lot in this book, including the value of protection, courage, and teamwork. The editor deserves praise for a job well done because the book is error-free, which shows that it was expertly edited. I will commend the author for his creative prowess. 

Because it helped me understand the importance of partnerships and leadership, I rate the book five out of five stars. Everyone should read this book, but young people in particular should do so because they appear to enjoy animation the most.

The Elfkin Journals
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Post by Ladyginger »

This is a nice review. I enjoyed your review from the beginning to the end. I also enjoy the storyline and your review will make me wnat yo read the book as soon as possible.
New Nikky
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Post by New Nikky »

I must say your review is very enjoyable. I enjoy how you structure it using a simple language and the languages is also clear. Good job.
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Post by SirKola+ »

I love this review. The choice of life partner is a significant decision for anyone as this will affect every aspect of the person's life. Darkness always does its best to snuff out light and this makes warriors of light ever ready to defend what they believe in.
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Emeka Emordi
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Post by Emeka Emordi »

This seems like the battle between the evil and the good as we were thought in Sunday school. Light world will definitely win this battle.
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Anselm Freeman
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Post by Anselm Freeman »

The names in the novel are interesting. Queen morning glow captured my heart. I love it. I wish the battle is not as fierce as i thought in my head.
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Ambrose John
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Post by Ambrose John »

While reading this review, it was animated characters that kept welling up on my mind. I enjoyed this review and I wish there are no much casualties in the war.
Precious Anavheoba
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Post by Precious Anavheoba »

Although I'm nit so into the story, I think its ability to capture the reviewer's attention and teach leadership and partnership is good enough for its rating.
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