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Mercy Udeokeke
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Review of Worldmaker of Yand - Polaris

Post by Mercy Udeokeke »

[Following is an official review of "Worldmaker of Yand - Polaris" by Andri E. Elia.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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This is a re-review of a book that I previously reviewed.
Yanara, a renowned worldmaker, is the one on whom this book is centered. The plot unfolds in the aftermath of the devastating war that His Excellency the K'tul brought upon Yenda and Yanda in pursuit of genocide. Her children, Snowfox, Hawklord, Asimia, and Wolfpack, all with distinct supernatural abilities of their own, all have scars that have been inflicted by the war. Although they have moved to a different moon, they begin to build a home from nothing with love and compassion. Soon, the children locate them, and the reunion is nothing short of emotional. War stories are told as Yanara struggles to remember what happened after she bent the sun to save her people. But is that all there is now that they've survived the war? How will Yanara and her people put their lives back together? To find out, read this fascinating story.
The book, Worldmaker of Yand-Polaris by Andri E. Elia, was written from the first person's point of view, which focused mainly on Yanara, as every scene narrated involved her. The author provided very clear descriptions of the characters. Although their names were a bit confusing and similar, especially those of Yanara's children, I understood the personality behind every character. This book kept me glued to my seat until I was able to complete it; the plot was very intriguing and captivating. The narrative style was also very engaging, as the writer employed a reader-friendly tone. Illustrations of these characters and their pets were provided, which aided my visualization of these characters and brought them to life. Though the book was fictional, the characters felt real to me, and it felt like Yanara was narrating her story directly to me. I also like how the author managed to sneak in humor in this piece, which made me chuckle as I read this book. The plot of this book is fitting for a movie, and as I read, I remembered a movie series that I watched, Shadow Hunter. 
This sci-fi novel portrays the travails of Yanara, the worldmaker, who is described as a highly powerful being. After the devastating war that leads to casualties that the galaxies are yet to recover from, we are given an insight into how people pick up the pieces after a life-altering experience. The beauty in the concept of family is also depicted, as the author portrays strong family bonds between Yanara, her spouses, her children, and her people. Her role as mother to Hawklord, Asimia, Snowfox, Wolfpack, and Sunstorm is not blindsided by her role as leader of her people or as a partner to her spouses. The novel portrays a heroine who can maintain a balance between family and leadership and yet remain kind and compassionate.
What I did not like about this book was the fact that Yanara had two spouses, a male and a female. I found this unnerving because she loved and cared for her wife more than her husband. I felt bitter for her husband, Frost, and I believe he deserved better because of how he loved, cherished, and clung to Yanara.
The book is exceptionally well edited. All of the errors I discovered in my first review of this book have been corrected. As a result, I rate this book five out of five stars.
I would recommend this book to fans of sci-fi and fantasy novels. Those who love romantic novels would also enjoy this book. I do not recommend this book to those who might find polygamy disturbing.

Worldmaker of Yand - Polaris
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Monale Bariyima Ueh
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Post by Monale Bariyima Ueh »

The idea of having two spouses is an interesting concept. Just like you mentioned, she loved her wife more than she loved her husband. I don't think it is possible to love two people equally.
James Likita
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Post by James Likita »

The book would be interesting. Polygamy, science, bisexuality, supernatural and a woman as the powerful being; fighting and subduing men sounds like the perfect ingredients of an epic novel that will make a good read.
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Post by AMARA UJU »

Okay!!! That is pretty interesting. A wife and husband. The other interesting fact that I have discovered is the ability of Yanara to bend the sun. I would love to discover how that happened. Thank you for a well written and informative review. I would also love to catch up on this story because it sounds interesting.
Temi book
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Post by Temi book »

Wow! Their culture is amazing. Why will a woman have two spouses? I wonder how it feels like to live there. This is an awesome review! Good job!
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

I do appreciate that the errors found during your first reading were corrected. I’m still a bit confused by the whole thing, though. I guess I can remedy that by reading the novel for myself, though.
Oyedeji Funmilayo
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Post by Oyedeji Funmilayo »

I am not a fan of the book's plot so I will pass this by. Also, the names are confusing so I wouldn't try to disturb myself. Well done.
Amanda Warner
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Post by Amanda Warner »

Sounds like one of those galactic stories. This book will be engaging and interesting from your review.
Nicholas Bush
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Post by Nicholas Bush »

:liar: I love your review for this book and i must admit that it is an interesting read. Would be nice to read this book someday ASAP. adding it to my bookshelf. Nice review. Kudos.
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Post by Jayonline93 »

I love the plot and setting of the story. The norm is hearing of a man having two wives not the bigger way round. I look forward to reading the book.
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Post by Adeolaoskydeelight »

This is an interesting plot, but a bit confusing, the author did an excellent job by putting life into every character which I believe will make the story enjoyable for the readers. Nice review
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