Official Review: Mark of the Remaker by Ian Yamagata

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Re: Official Review: Mark of the Remaker by Ian Yamagata

Post by bookiegalke » 26 Jul 2017, 03:04

This sounds like a book I would read on a warm sunday afternoon

-- 26 Jul 2017, 03:06 --

This sounds like a book I would read on a warm sunday afternoon

-- 26 Jul 2017, 03:06 --

This sounds like a book I would read on a warm sunday afternoon
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Post by Quinto » 05 Aug 2017, 07:06

From your review it is clear you enjoyed the read.I couldn't help but imagine myself watching an unfolding drama of an epic battle, set in the days of yore -when physical abilities coupled with mental prowess and agility mattered. It is one of those fantasy novels i can immerse myself in and little else around me would matter.

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Kenisha Hyde
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Post by Kenisha Hyde » 16 Aug 2017, 16:04

I have it on my bookshelf as to read. I love epic fantasy and this seems to be rite up my alley. Thanks for s great review

Titus Michael
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Post by Titus Michael » 17 Aug 2017, 10:18

Pleasant review.. Sound more like a great book...

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stella kulola
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Post by stella kulola » 01 Oct 2017, 22:33

sounds like an interesting book but I'm pretty much sure its not my kind of book..good stuff

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Seemab Asghar
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Post by Seemab Asghar » 01 Oct 2017, 22:37

after read the review of the book "Mark of the remarker" ,I observed that book has positive as well as negative aspects. for teenagers it has a thrill and full of action but as a mature reader biok may have some negative points . author of the book should spread positive message in society specially for young generation

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Post by Kingsley1520 » 05 Oct 2017, 11:41

Such an interesting book,I love the courage Hugo has to face the migty beast,but I will like watch the movie as well,
Nice one Yamagata.

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Post by Ghudy » 09 Oct 2017, 05:57

wow....wonderful review
you said it all

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Post by KeriCraven » 12 Oct 2017, 10:04

I have read quite a few of your reviews. Every time I find them more and more enjoyable. You provide a wonderful insight into what the book is about. Thank you.
Latest Review: "Life Before" by K.L. Romo

Shahina Hussain
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Post by Shahina Hussain » 31 Oct 2017, 00:30

Nice review

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Post by HAINGONIRINA Nadia » 25 Nov 2017, 03:53

always thanks for your review #Cataclysmicknight !!
I like of fantasy story and it's unique to have a good idea

-- 25 Nov 2017, 03:55 --

I enjoy every interesting book so this one is in my preference

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Post by powergirl » 26 Nov 2017, 15:57

This book of magic is very nteresting.Characters are well developped and bring you into their world.
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Post by olatomide55 » 28 Nov 2017, 23:34

very interesting

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Post by sunshinedee » 03 Dec 2017, 10:16

A nice book for fantasy-lovers out there packed with action battle scenes.I've watched some fantasy movies and it's awesome.This book Mark of the Remaker by Ian Yamagata is a great book, it's like watching a fantasy movie.

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Starry natty silver
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Post by Starry natty silver » 30 Dec 2017, 00:52

Great book, really love it. Full of action, imagination or If I may say fantasy. Simply put a great book for action lovers.

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