Review of WatchDogs Abnormal Beginnings

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Review of WatchDogs Abnormal Beginnings

Post by Bertha Jackson »

[Following is an official review of "WatchDogs Abnormal Beginnings" by Mike L Junior.]
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1 out of 4 stars
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Dr. Drake Nathan's cybernetic chip cured cancer, blindness, and other diseases and changed people's DNA. Over time children were born with the altered DNA without the chip. Thus, the beginning of the Technology Era and the death of Earth. Technology became so advanced people could not use it. After the Technology Era died, the Apocalypse Era began, and society fell apart. Ordinary people started having children with unheard-of abilities, becoming Abnormals. The Abnormals were discriminated against and hunted down like animals. Kaarina and Monty are two orphaned Abnormals who are on their way to Xenora to join the Berserkers Guild, where they will be shown kindness and have a sense of family. But can they get there while being hunted, or will they be killed? What are Kaarina's and Monty's special abilities? Read WatchDogs: Abnormal Beginnings Book 1 by Mike L. Junior to learn more about this book.

Mike L. Junior has done a fantastic job with character and demographic development. Each character is fully developed, and their unique abilities are clearly demonstrated. I could easily visualize the Dead Zone's desert, caves, and rock mounds. I could picture the lizards, giants, and Blood Lycans, which are 200-pound wolves that stand seven feet tall. I liked that the author used all caps for dialogue that consisted of yelling and italics to show memories.

Unfortunately, there were many things I disliked about this book. Sentences contain past and present tenses, which I found confusing. There are two types of missions, S-Class and A-Class, and they are not defined, so I never understood the difference between them. Each chapter has the letters "xyz" at the end without explaining what they meant. The one thing that destroyed my enjoyment of this book was the number of errors. These errors consisted of formatting issues like spacing between words and sentences, missing words, missing punctuation, inconsistencies, usage of wrong character names, wrong words (e.g., "of" instead of "off," "her" instead of "here," "use" instead of "us," and "hoped" for "hopped," to name a few), and line spaces between sentences.

Although the story's plot is good, the negative aspects ruined my enjoyment of reading the book. For this reason, I have no choice but to give this book 1 out of 4 stars. I did not give it more stars because general proofreading would have found many of the errors. This book needs to be revised and edited by a professional editor to earn more stars.

I am not comfortable recommending this book to anyone in its current condition. However, if you do not mind guessing which character is speaking, discrepancies, and a plethora of errors in your books, you may enjoy reading this one. If you like science-fiction books that question the existence and motivation of God, discrimination, and war, then this book is for you. This book is not specific to religious or non-religious beliefs because it contains both religious and atheist zealots. Sensitive and younger readers need to be aware of the descriptive sexual content and extensive use of extreme non-borderline profanity.

WatchDogs Abnormal Beginnings
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Adaeze Joan
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Post by Adaeze Joan »

This book has an interesting plot. Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues with it. I believe once corrections are made, this book would receive a perfect rating. Thanks for your honest review.
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Post by Leandre Nyathi »

Such a shame about the errors as the book has quite an intriguing plot. I would be willing to read it once errors are corrected. Thank you for an honest and thorough review.
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Post by Amy Luman »

I have wanted to read this book ever since I saw it as BOTM for June. I went and read the description and, of course, it did not mention any of the issues that you did. It is unfortunate that there were so many errors and things that were not explained. I hope that the author uses your comments for improvement.
Blessing E
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Post by Blessing E »

I always enjoy reading your reviews. They're precise and comprehensive. Well done on another engaging review
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Post by Ifesi »

Well-detailed review! Thanks for an honest review.
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Post by Shillah kigen »

This is a very honest review. Thank you for pointing out the negatives in the book.
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Post by ellimctreph »

Wow. This made book of the month for June so I'm surprised that you don't think this is a good book. Still, thanks for a honest review.
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Post by Uwe Neufeld »

The plott is not that bad I think, but so many errors are not a good invitation to read this book. Fine review!
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El Brandhaus
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Post by El Brandhaus »

It is a disappointment to hear that June’s Book of the Month has only managed to receive 1 of 4 stars from a reputable reviewer. Thank you for the complete and honest review.
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Post by Mounce574 »

This book disappoints me. I thought the plot was intriguing and characters would be great features. However, from your review, the errors would be so distracting, I would lose my patience trying to decipher them. Great objective review.
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Post by Chinonso Onwurah »

The plot seems very interesting: Outcasts escaping the challenge of being hunted down. However, the errors you mentioned are discouraging. Guessing who is speaking will be the most arduous task for me. I hope the author revises the book.
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Post by Buch1-Dm »

A book about technological advancements and how it affected society will be such an insightful read. I didn't witness the first technological inventions and they affected society and I will love to read about it in a book.
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Mrs D O
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Post by Mrs D O »

Thanks for such a detailed review. I was curious about the low rating, especially as it is BOTM for June, but I think you were very fair. I hope the book is soon edited properly so that it can be fully appreciated and enjoyed. The image on the front cover was enough to deter me from reading it previously!
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Mrs D O
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Post by Mrs D O »

By the way - apologies for judging a book by its cover....
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