Review of Jewel of Inanna

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Review of Jewel of Inanna

Post by Buch1-Dm »

[Following is an official review of "Jewel of Inanna" by Hannah Desmond.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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In Jewel of Inanna, Hannah Desmond delivers a magical story with Lilly as the heroine whom the story revolves around. Lilly is a jaded woman who is voiceless, helpless, and traumatised. She suffers at the hands of her husband, Alex. It seems there is no apparent end to her torment; there is no proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and even her mother offers no solace. On a fateful day, possessed by the madness that only pain can bring, Lilly decides to run away from her life and leave everything behind.

She has no idea where she is going to. She does not know anybody she is going to meet. The only thing she holds on to is the breath in her lungs as she runs farther and farther away from her horrible life. By chance, she ends up in New Orleans. She does not plan to, but she ends up there. Serendipity leads her to take the advice of a stranger, and she ends up finding a home in the French Quarter. There she meets Jolene and many other witches and mystics who help her discover new things about herself. Will her life take a new turn in the French Quarter, or will it be business as usual? She found love with Roland, a musician travelling with his band, but how will their relationship turn out?

My favourite thing about this book is its realism; it creates the illusion that the world contained in the pages of the book is indeed the real world. The author's commitment to the creation of a truly magical world is evident. Everything about the book shows that it really belongs in a world of its own. I also appreciate the sage advice imparted through the characters. The book shared a lot of life lessons about pain, fate, and destiny. It teaches that after the storm, everything good will come.

However, I found the book lacking in diversity. This is a modern story about magic, and there were barely any people of colour as characters in it. A large bulk of the characters in Hannah Desmond's Jewel of Inanna were Caucasian. Black people mentioned in the book are very few and play small and almost insignificant roles; there are no other people of colour in the story. That, to me, is a somewhat skewed portrayal of the real world this book is based on. That is the area I felt the book could use some work. Also, I don't consider the book to be professionally edited because I found many errors in it.

Regardless of the negative points, the story was told with precision, and I laud all the effort and passion that went into it. However, owing to its lack of diversity and the number of errors I found in it, I would give it three out of four stars.

Hannah Desmond's Jewel of Inanna is perfect for anyone who believes in or practises mysticism or witchcraft. If you have tried manifesting and you've given up due to a lack of faith, this is the encouragement you need to continue on your mystic path. If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series, you would definitely appreciate the magical universe created in this book.

Jewel of Inanna
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Post by smoothcrowd »

Just from reading the review of this book, I can tell the author is a fan of the series The Originals
It's about vampires and witches that live in New Orleans, particularly the French Quarters.
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Post by smoothcrowd »

I fancy books like this though. It always has this cool plot twist at one point in the book.
Thanks for such a nice review.
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Post by Oluwanifesimi »

Wow! I love books that entails reality, I am still wondering what will end the heroine's love story In the book.
A nice review that makes one to understand all
that the book entails even without reading the book.
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Post by Amy Luman »

I am not a believer in the effectiveness of mysticism, but I feel for Lilly in her need to escape her life. Someone with no support will seek it wherever it comes from. I am disappointed to hear of the lack of diversity in the novel.
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Post by Nwankwo GC »

Lilly's life seem like a very pathetic one, but I would love to know the new things she discovered about herself at New Orleans. This story seems like it has an entralling plot twist.
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Post by Limitless_66 »

I'm happy that Lily really mustered the courage to leave such a toxic situation. Women all over the world should learn from this to always leave when they are getting abused.
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Post by Belen Egan »

Thank you for such an honest review. I think especially because of the theme of the book and where it takes place, diversity should have been a must.
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Post by JamesJaphet »

I hope Lily's relationship with Roland turns out beautifully because she has been through too many negative emotions. I wish her the very best.
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Post by Ekezie1998 »

Whenever one finds himself or herself in an association as intimate as marriage and yet is still record by abuse and suffering, I advocate doing what Lily did in this instance, run and leave everything behind. Great review.
Darlington O
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Post by Darlington O »

I love that Lily left the abusive relationship and made something good out of her life. A lot of women should borrow a leaf from that and save their lives as well. There's a lot out there for them.
Tony Official
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Post by Tony Official »

Lilly's character is everything modern women are advised to be. Know when to leave a relationship. There's more to come instead stay put and lose your life. This is a brilliant review and a brilliant review to follow it up.
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Post by chocolaterays »

Jewel of Inana seems like a book I will recommend to all the females in my life. It should have a lot of interesting lessons. You gave a good overview of the book. Well done.
Fine Brand
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Post by Fine Brand »

It's refreshing to know that Lily finally found love with Roland. I hope it nothing like what she had with first husband. I'd love to know how things ended with her.
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Post by Olafunmi24 »

Wow, this is a very good review.I will love to read this book to discover how Lilly life later turned out in New orleans.She deserves the best after her traumatic experience with her husband.
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