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Review of Path of Darkness

Post by Christieee »

[Following is an official review of "Path of Darkness" by C.M. Lackner.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Aelith only joined the Covenant, a religious order of the Trius gods, six years ago because she wanted to escape her abusive father. When she manifests as a sorceress during the Springlight Festival, she has no choice but to flee the town of Haverin; her brother and her best friend, along with the rest of the town, want to burn her alive because of her new powers. Destiny leads Aelith into the care and training of Renae, a master of the arcane (sorcery). Aelith soon realizes Renae’s real identity and her deadly mission. A trip to faraway Krato takes Aelith on a new path filled with carnage. Will she give in to the evil that beckons her, or will she fight it every step of the way? What chance of self-discovery does she have if she must master her powers and serve another?

C. M. Lackner proved to be a master of plot progression and character development in his book, Path of Darkness (Book One of the Memories of Madness). Aelith was a different person by the end of the story. Even though I did not like several actions she took, I loved how multidimensional Aelith’s character was. You may find yourself rooting for her and wishing she survives the many hurdles thrown at her. But at some other points, she does abhorrent things that are unforgivable. It was a bonus that other characters were also fully fleshed, and every scene Lackner included aided the plot.

At first, I thought that Lackner’s writing style was subpar, especially since he started out using a lot of dialogue. But Lackner turned that impression around and gave me the thrill of my life. His detailed descriptions and incredible action scenes left my heart pounding in many instances. The scene where Aelith had to escape Haverin was especially charged! The dialogue became crucial, as it helped me visualize everything better. Using dialogue, the author successfully made his characters relatable and humane despite their evil deeds. For example, the things Holl, Orane, and Iradel’s friends said about them made me feel some empathy for their situation, even though they had previously killed and enslaved hundreds of people.

I had a few issues with this book, however. While Aelith’s learning curve made for an engrossing read, I often got lost when the author explained things about arcana (magic), as I found some of his explanations complex. Also, while I enjoyed Aelith’s evolution, I wished that Lackner explored the depth of her powers and goodness more. It felt like he sacrificed depth in those regards for action. Also, by the end, I still had countless unanswered questions, so I am looking forward to the sequel. There are a lot of adventures that the author must reveal. I will be reading book two, and I recommend you do the same!

This book is perfect for mature readers who enjoy fantasy books that explore the inherently evil nature of man. There are erotic scenes, LGBTQ content, and a slew of profane words. Also, Aelith, the protagonist, is an anti-hero. So, readers looking for a brave, moral, and inspirational protagonist should look elsewhere. Despite the above-mentioned issues, I can only rate this book 4 out of 4 because I have not read a book as thrilling (and not heeding any conventions) as this one in a hot minute!

Path of Darkness
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Post by Ntokozo Joy »

Great book. I think a lot of the questions you had at the end will definitely be answered in the sequels since you have already indicated that this is book one in a series. Thanks for the detail in your review. Well done.
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Post by Ifesi »

So many mysteries to unravel in this story. Great review.
reden Domondon
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Post by reden Domondon »

This book is great a lot of my friends and classmates love to read fantasy and thrilling books like this and most of all the context of the story will definitely thrill you while reading it I can even imagine a lot of people will get thrilled for the coming sequels of this book I will even buy this book because I even get thrilled just by reading a thriller that's all I can say .
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Post by Amy Luman »

Although I feel very sorry for what Aelith had to experience at this hands of her father leading her to join the Covenant, I do not see that as a reason for what happened to her. Maybe that’s not what happened to her and I’m just confused.
Roli T
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Post by Roli T »

I would love to read about a protagonist that's not all good as it makes the character more like life. I mean nobody's perfect. Your review is great. A thrilling fantasy with a lot of suspense, count me in.
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Post by Christopherio »

this book piques curiosity and has a lot of mysteries to be unraveled. great review.
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Post by smoothcrowd »

Haven't started reading the review, but I must say; the cover and title of this book look a bit like that of an anime.
Hopefully, the storyline would make as much sense.
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Post by smoothcrowd »

I'm loving this book already. The everyone wants to kill me cause I have a power they don't understand so they fear it vendetta.
I'm so going to read this.
Thanks for the review.
I believe that great success is possible in any field - From music to mathematics to macro trading.
Ezidimma 01
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Post by Ezidimma 01 »

Nice review but i didn't like how Aelith was a different person by the end of the book
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Post by Belen Egan »

This character seems so complex and i love that. I am already loving the story and the fact that there must be some sort of personal growth in order to become who she really is. Thanks for your review.
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Post by ellimctreph »

A thrilling fantasy with a complex yet enjoyable character? Sign me up!
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