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Review of Parachute Minds

Post by SarahAlligator20 »

[Following is an official review of "Parachute Minds" by Jeremiah Sanchez.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The second book in the Parachute Minds book series, Parachute Minds: Light Switch is a book I’d recommend to any lover of science fiction. Written by Jeremiah Sanchez, it continues the extragalactic adventures of Gideon and his light-jumping companions as they prepare for the long-awaited fourth phase. Read on to learn why I’ve rated this book three out of four stars.

Traveler and his three recruits—Gideon from Earth, Dumakleiza from Cul, and Timrekka from the planet Thamiosh—have just light jumped to Whewliss to get ready for the fourth phase. To their surprise, they are not the first fourth-phase recruits. They join Jasss, Izzy, and Tsuna, along with a member of the Council, Master Brawd, to venture to the Wall, a mysterious place located on the edge of space. A child’s voice from the hole in the Wall speaks to those brave enough to dip their heads in, scaring and exciting them in equal measure. Their discovery must wait, however. One of their own betrays them, revealing himself to be a megalomaniac bent on universal domination. The adventurers light jump to a forbidden planet to save the natural world, desperate enough to enlist the help of a monster too frightening to be forgotten by history.

After the first book, I was expecting to finally see our fourth-phase recruits accomplish their aim. We get teased with this possibility just before the entire mission gets side-lined, what with the betrayal and threat to universal freedom. The mystery of what lies behind the Wall seems that much greater, and the suspense seethes beneath the plot’s surface, as my nearly gone nails can attest to.

I mentioned liking Gideon’s closing words (May death not find you sleeping) in my review of the first book, Leap of Fate. Update: it’s now a permanent part of my vocabulary. Gideon himself might come as a little childish and unable to take matters seriously, but his backstory, finally revealed, dredges up much sympathy for the wanderer. I loved how some characters’ pasts were discussed, eliminating the sense of their being reserve or filler agents who can be easily benched or offed. I would have been disappointed if the story had a quick resolution, but I’m happy to report that this is not the case.

Gideon’s spot as my favourite character in this series has never been in more danger. New characters arrive on the scene. Vorlak seemed like a hyperactive, hyper-bloodthirsty puppy. Shadowmaker knows how to make an entrance, holding his own in an arena of multidimensional characters. Gideon still has his pedestal, however, managing to outdo himself by singlehandedly and inadvertently warding a homicidal alien away from Earth, simply by virtue of his personality—so send your thanks to Gideon, everyone, both for this and defeating a not-so-purple wannabe Thanos.

I loved the direction Sanchez took the plot in, especially as it has to do with the Whewlight’s history. There were more politics too, as opposed to the freer atmosphere of the prequel. Polygamy being a thing on Whewliss was definitely a bonus. We get to compare Traveler’s team with Six One’s, though it’s not really objective, even with the third-person narrative. Pulling out the famed ‘big bad’ from the annals of history, after drumming up sufficient intrigue and being very dramatic about it, was also a nice touch.

The tone of the story shifted with the characters’ emotions, from excited to nervous, betrayed then purpose-filled, resigned to their feeling back on top of the universe, only to jump back to excited and nervous. Through it all, Sanchez’s writing never fails, having the ability to clearly explain a whole made-up science without causing confusion, being well written, if not flawless, all the while. Watch out for some profanity, though.

The romance aspect felt off to me. Gideon and Dumakleiza had their fun on Borroke, in a seemingly spur-of-the-moment decision mostly incited by Duma’s jealousy. Gideon even admits to feeling pressured and annoyed by Duma’s blatant intentions and feelings, before doing a complete one-eighty what seems like three pages later. I know love is supposed to hit us like a brick, but this felt more like a hit-and-run, which I didn’t appreciate.

This book was divine. It managed to grab and keep my attention while I pored over every page. If not for the number of errors, which account for the removal of one star from my rating and caused me to assume that the book has not been professionally edited, it would be perfect. Parachute Minds: Light Switch is suited to those who go for the unexpected in science fiction, especially readers with a hankering for some interplanetary travel and universal discovery. I would recommend reading the first book in the series for better understanding, as I do not think it can act as a standalone.

Parachute Minds
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Post by bhattuc »

The book seems to possess all the elements of a science fiction and could have more sequels in the offing. Intergalactic travel with the speed of light and other such an unimaginable feets make a science fiction to show everything possible beyond the edge of the universe. Appears an engrossing reading. Thanks for the wonderful review.
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Post by Ghuddie »

Interesting storyline. Lovers of science fiction and adventure novels will definitely enjoy this one. Great review.
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Post by Apple 7 »

Would have supposed elements of guardians of the Galaxy, Thor or even avengers after reading the review.... intriguing play...nice review
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Post by Nwadinso Okoro »

This book seems to be the continuation of Gideon Green's adventure with the Traveler. The book involves betrayal, and I would love to know the end of it all. Their adventure is quite captivating. Thanks for your review.
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Post by NetMassimo »

This seems like an engaging novel that offers a terrific storyline seen, among other things, through the characters' emotions. I'll look into this series. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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