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Official Review: Isis by Matt Sayer

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Official Review: Isis by Matt Sayer

Post Number:#1 by chibi_kitsune
» 29 Jul 2014, 10:31

[Following is the official review of "Isis" by Matt Sayer.]

Book Cover for 2096
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Isis is a science fiction / fantasy short story that focuses on the increasing role technology has on people's lives. Grayl Staunton has been one of the lucky few to be chosen for a beta test of a new iSYS AI home system. The system will control everything from heating the house and paying the bills to brewing his cappuccino. It's the perfect life, just say what you want and there it is, no strings attached, right?

Grayl Staunton couldn't be more excited to be one of the few chosen to try the new iSYS system. Since the day the letter had arrived, he's been counting down the days until the installation crew would come over. Even work's monotony and dull atmosphere couldn't shake the jubilant feelings bubbling up to the surface. Now, the day has arrived and all the cameras, cables, and other pieces fall into place, the long wait is finally over. Everything can now be done with just a voice command. Ordering food, getting a cup of coffee, paying the bills, everything electronic can now be done by Isis, the iSYS system's AI. When you get home the heat is turned on during the cold winter months and a freshly brewed coffee is waiting on the counter. But as Isis learns more and more and becomes almost fully autonomous, Grayl starts to wonder what exactly is becoming of his life and if he or Isis is the one pulling the strings.

Isis was an interesting story on how technology can consume and take over everything that people do. Although a bit short, the story illustrates the slow monopolization of Grayl's life as he becomes dependent upon Isis. It is not until the end that he realizes his own concerns to be true and finally takes action to rectify what was happening to his life. The final thoughts from Grayl stick with you as he wonders what would have happened had he let Isis be a major part of his life any longer. What would have happened in jut a few years?

There were no noticeable grammar mistakes and the vocabulary was quite astounding, which helped portray the various moods. However, it was very fast paced and, though it got the point across, it felt like there could have been more to the story. The story itself, as previously mentioned, was a good read, but more detail would have made it a bit more enjoyable.

Overall I would rate Isis a 3 out of 4. It was an intriguing story and definitely made you think where we are headed in terms of technology and if we are in fact ready for such advancements. However, I prefer long novels where there is a thick plot and simply more substance than what was presented in Isis. That being said, people who enjoy short stories and like science fiction, will probably enjoy this story.

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