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Review of Dawn of Magic

Post by Nonso Ok »

[Following is an official review of "Dawn of Magic" by Christopher Gorman.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Christopher Gorman, in this exceptional work of fiction, Dawn of Magic, captured my heart from the introduction of the book till the very last chapter. He has forced my hand into giving this book a perfect rating of four out of four stars. I couldn't give this book anything lower because I can't remember when last a work of fiction had so much impact on me that I could practically feel myself in the book.

Dawn of Magic centers on three conflicting elements which seek to dominate humanity and the earth. Mother nature gave magic to those who sought her, and El used Faith to fight against Magic while Technicians headed Science. For thousands of years, Magic went missing after the last Wizard battled to save the world from Faith. In the meantime, Nature has suffered immensely with people being more religious and neglecting it. The water level has decreased significantly, and there is a scarcity of it.

Aiden and James have been excellent friends. On invitation to the church by Danielle, James' girlfriend, something weird occurs. Aiden seems to discover that some powers are after him, or at least they live in him. In their quest to find a solution, James and Aiden visit Keegan, a local healer. An explosion that occurs in Keegan's shop opens the door to a new reality. They realize they are Wizards and the fate of the world and Magic now rests on their shoulders. Would they restore Magic to its original place? How would they confront the Catholic Church and custodians of Faith? I would guarantee that this book would keep you glued until the end.

I can go on and on about the positive aspects I found in this book. Let me start with the development; Christopher skillfully took regular people and transformed them into earth-saving Wizards. I could never have guessed that Aiden and James would go from partying to taking lessons and practicing magic in a cave. The suspense was thrilling, one that kept me guessing wrongly each time. This book is not in any way predictable, which is a plus.

Also, I admired the perfect blend of the old and the new. The author shifted from modern cities and back to the Citadel and a village hidden from civilization. I found this fascinating because he told the stories without mixing up the ages and times. For instance, the behavior of those in the Citadel of Learning was differently portrayed from those in Dunadin. The author's depiction of characters was detailed. He captured their behaviors and attributes in a way that made them seem more real than I expected; for instance, when the guardians introduced themselves, I loved the descriptions of Jennifer and Elizabeth. The author kept referencing the present, what we know as our reality now as a long time ago in history. It gave me the feeling that I was in the future and my reality now is in the past. It is an admirable skill of storytelling, and I wanted to ensure that I mentioned it. This book was professionally edited; I was only able to find a few errors.

However, this book contains some negative aspects as well. The author created the feeling that we were going to see an epic battle between Faith and Magic. I kept anticipating the time the Wizards would have to use magic to deal with a direct enemy. Instead, they used magic only a few times. Some elements of this book felt far fetched and unrealistic. For instance, when Caitlin and Aleksandar saved James and Aiden from Pere Georges, I kept wondering how it was possible to invade the prison, break the chains that held them, and walk out of the village with the chains still on them without being spotted, stopped or resisted. Also, as a Christian, it felt awkward seeing the Catholic Church represented in the way it was. However, this wouldn't count so much as a negative aspect.

I would recommend this book to lovers of fantasy fiction. People who crave to escape from our reality momentarily and see what the future might look like would find themselves absorbed in this book.

Dawn of Magic
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Post by Apple 7 »

The review portrays and adventure filled book, with unexpected outcomes....Magic, mother earth, technicians and religion gonhand in hand in most scenarios.....thanks for the review
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Post by Jydel »

This book sounds very interesting and disappointing at the same time. I love the adventure portrayed in it. Magic also appeals to me but I don't like exaggeration. When things seem too far fetched, the story loses it appeal to me. Nice review!
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Niens Now
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I love magic, and by the sound of it, there is some in this book. Thank you for a great review.
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GideonWrites Review
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Post by GideonWrites Review »

It seems you really love this book from your hilarious presentation of the book's analysis. I always love fictional books on magic like this.
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This book review totally blew my mind. From magic to faith, technology to mother Earth, this book screams fun and adventurous
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This sounds like a great read. I am curious to see how this book plays out because I am already hyped up from your synopsis of the book. Thank you for your review.
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