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Review of Origin Journey

Post by Bertha Jackson »

[Following is an official review of "Origin Journey" by Scot Simpson.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Arlam and his friends are sent on a ten-year cosmic journey on the Empyramis. This journey will allow them to explore and research the galaxy. After these ten years, they will end their single years and start their 50 years of united (marital) life. Mrik meets with his third great-grandfather, Mrhonorix, for the first time, who tells him that he and the other members of the Pamatrical have noticed inequalities in the Cowav. The Cowav will be destroyed if all lives are not treated equally. He entrusts Mrik to find this ripple on his ten-year journey, so they can stop it when he returns. Mrhonorix suspects the Politan hereditary order has caused this ripple. Will Mrik survive the journey? Will he find out who is creating the ripple? Is it the Politans? Will he find his mate? What other planets will he discover? Read Origin Journey by Scot Simpson to find out.

I appreciate the Index at the back of the book for the many unfamiliar Arzolan actions and words. For example, gender is based on the second letter of a character's name; Mrik is a male, and Ssflora is a female. The pictures at the beginning of each chapter helped me visualize the characters' uniqueness and their planet. This science-fiction book has many lessons that readers can learn from to understand how our interactions affect the world around us. My favorite was the concept that 'mutual interest' is better than 'individual interest' only if you allow individuality between everyone. I cannot imagine a world without someone feeling superior to others, but it is a great idea.

Although I am sure science-fiction fans will enjoy this book, it does have a few negative aspects. The main one is that a professional editor has not edited this book. Many errors include missing parts of sentences, wrong verb tenses, and extra words within sentences that make no sense. The picture is not visible at the beginning of chapter one, and a professional editor should have noted this. The book is difficult to read because of the unfamiliar words used by the characters. Although I appreciate the Index, I referred to it so often that it disrupted my reading.

Overall, this is a good science-fiction book with a fast-paced and smooth-flowing plot. For this reason, I am giving this book 3 out of 4 stars. Once a professional editor has edited it, it will be deserving of the maximum number of stars.

I recommend this book to science-fiction fans who enjoy reading about aliens and the galaxy. The sexual content is only implied and probably will not offend most readers. Readers who do not enjoy books where the terminology is not familiar may want to avoid this book.

Origin Journey
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Post by Apple 7 »

A world that encourages "mutual interest but only if individuality is allowed", a well balanced statement which if realistically applied will lead to a lot of changes....very nice review....
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Post by GideonWrites Review »

Thanks very much for your recommendation. I have been longing to read another science fiction book, having read some written by Matthew Tysz. This book as it features alien piqued my interest.
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Post by Uchechukwu Okereke »

Thank you for your honest review. While I am sure the index would help me contextualize the story even better, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by how complex this story already is. A quick instance would be the names of characters and races mentioned within this very review. There were just too many. There were times while reading this review, where I had to go back to ensure the names seen were not of the same group i.e. Pamatrical and Politans. There just seems to be too many loose strings hanging about. So, while I am inclined to eventually try this book, I doubt I will be in any hurry to start it.
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Post by Tarie07 »

The cover page of the book is attractive. The storyline sounds interesting, but reading a book that still requires editing is off-putting for me. Thanks for the honest review.
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