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Review of Intrepid

Post by Ferdinand_Otieno »

[Following is an official review of "Intrepid" by Jim Ballentine.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Intrepid by Jim Ballentine is a unique science fiction novel set during different time periods. The book is divided into three sections, each highlighting various events in the life of Commander Steven Jacobsen and the crew under him. It is an almost realistic situation of what might happen if humans were to ever decide to move to a new solar system.

Steven Jacobsen, newly appointed to the role of commander, arrives in Corporia eager to take charge of his office. He is quickly entrenched into the world of politics and secrecy when a member of the World Council receives threats to his family who reside on the planet Marathene. Determined to lead the mission to safeguard the councilor`s family, he sets up a mission to Marathene. When an explosion to the shuttle of the rail system injures some members of his team, he realizes the danger in his mission. Meanwhile, Jeremiah Singletary, the clerk to the World Council, conspires to undermine Commander Jacobsen`s role and his rising reputation among the World Council members. An attack on the commander while investigating the explosion on the rail system leads him to the Titan, and to the recovery of his past as an original member of the mission to relocate human civilization to Corporia and its sister planets. Will the commander survive long enough to uncover the perpetrators of the attack? Will he discover Jeremiah Singletary`s role in the plot? What led to humans relocating to the new solar system? All these questions will be answered in this amazing book.

The book highlighted many themes like family, friendship, grief, love, secrecy, adventure, danger, technological marvels, and inherent nature. One of the main themes I encountered was secrecy. Steven Jacobsen`s past, along with the mission to relocate humans, is a closely guarded secret that maintains the beliefs of all humans of the new civilization. Another major theme I encountered in the book was adventure. The book follows the exploits of the commander and his crew. I found them to be in some wild adventure from safeguarding a councilor`s family, to investigating the sabotage, and then trying to escape from a coordinated attack. The author used these themes masterfully to further the plot.

The character development in this book was amazing. The protagonist of the book was Steven Jacobsen. He was an interesting character who was inspirational from the beginning of the book. I found him to be unique the more I learned about his past. His experience as a leader and the loss of his wife molded who he was from the beginning of the book. I also enjoyed the character development associated with Andrea Ross. Her secret at the start of the book opened up the plot to unexpected heights.

I encountered few errors in this book which led me to believe that the book had been professionally edited. I secondary pass through the book would get rid of the few interspersed errors I encountered. I enjoyed the detailed world building and the sectioning of the book. It made following the different subplots easier. Due to the errors that I encountered, I rated the book 3 out of 4 stars.

I would recommend this book to science fiction and fantasy readers. The book would not be ideal for non-fiction readers. I loved the unique POV that highlighted the opinions and goals of the antagonists in the book. I look forward to reading more books from the author.

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Post by Nazzy_ »

This adventurous book will certainly be interesting to read. Nice review.
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Post by Salah bourouba »

sounds like an interesting book it makes think, what if we really have to leave earth and live in another planet, great review
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Post by Ekezie1998 »

An interesting plot here. Would definitely love to get my hands on this book. Great review.
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Post by markodim721 »

I like how the author approached character development. A really interesting book.
Raymonda onwuka
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Post by Raymonda onwuka »

I have always wondered what will happen if by any means the earth becomes inhabitable for human. As fancy as it sounds we might really have to move to another planet.
This story sounds interesting, engaging, and captivating. I hope the commander discovers the perpetrators of the attack.
Thanks for the awesome review.
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Post by NetMassimo »

This seems like an engaging science fiction novel with important themes and terrific characters. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
Shanee Mcknight
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Post by Shanee Mcknight »

This review made me want to read this book I'm so excited and I look for it to flipping pages continuously got to love space-age novels.
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Post by Hyacinth Bella »

Science fiction has never been my fondest of genres, but this book makes me wonder what would happen if ever humans live on another solar system, not another planet. With the current state of global warming and climate change, much research is required on how to live peacefully somewhere else, or how to improve Earth more.

Thank you so much for the review!
Ruth Frances A
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Post by Ruth Frances A »

I have always wondered about man’s interest in discovering other planets, and astronauts with their ventures to the moon. This review raises my imagination as to a possible relocation to another planet. The review clearly indicates that this is fiction yet the characters are depicted as quite real. The political and military angle give it a great boost. Hope to read this book.
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Post by sanjus »

An interesting science fiction book "Intrepid" by Jim Ballentine, which features the time travel to different views of time. The idea of moving to a solar system makes it more exciting.
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Post by rose203 »

As a huge science-fiction fan, I am intrigued by your review. I will definitely check the book out.
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Sammy Kamau 2
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Post by Sammy Kamau 2 »

I like the idea of traveling through space since it is not possible now I still do it through imagination and this book is such a guide to the new solar system and new planets such a great work of SciFi
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