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Review of Nyanga

Post by Zee_Zee »

[Following is an official review of "Nyanga" by Kent Brown.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Kent Brown narrates a story about time travel and space in Nyanga. Stuart Jamieson, a man who says he makes more money in a minute than most people in their lifetime, has a special task for John Smith, an ex-pilot of the Scouts Service, and his friend Brian Jones, an ex-corp veteran of Merchant Service. John and Brian waste no time deciding to go on the expedition, as they find their recent lives monotonous and boring. They have no idea what they will find in their explorations.

Nyanga is a book that readers will find easy to read, despite its length. The tone of the narration draws readers in with the promise of more to come. Although the book deals with some technical ideas, Kent limits the use of scientific jargon, which I believe intends to ensure readers are not overwhelmed. More so, the technical terms are explained in simple enough language.

The book starts with a mysterious air that evokes suspense and arouses the reader's curiosity. Even though this book is lengthy, there is a simplicity about it that endears. It feels as though its simplicity is a shroud for something more exciting, and readers will keep reaching to find that something. This feeling, however, can be a double-edged sword, as some readers may, instead of viewing it as a hint for more, assume the author is playing it safe.

In choosing characters for his book, Kent selects unlikely persons, creating a formidable crew that gives off attractive energy. The characters are lovable. In John and Brian, readers may identify with a part of themselves that yearns for excitement, adventure, and an opportunity to make a difference in the world. While Kent does not go into long background details of the core characters, he gives enough to help readers understand and connect with them emotionally. I love the idea that readers will be able to smile and laugh while reading this book. For instance, when Brian asks John what Stuart feels he (Brian) will bring to the mission, John responds, "Probably your sparkling personality and good looks."

Kent shows us in Nyanga the immense possibilities available to the human race and what the human mind is capable of conjuring. It is as though he is saying that there is always room for improving to mind-blowing heights. In addition to this, Kent's book may rekindle readers' pride in simply being human with his portrayal of our ability to be kind and courageous.

As beautiful as the story in Nyanga is, it will be helpful if the author incorporates more in subsequent series. More twists and turns with less convenient resolutions will heighten the suspense. I also expect more in terms of character development, especially with Stuart's character.

This book is a book of adventure, and readers who love to explore will appreciate it. There are no serious complaints concerning this book, except the minor errors in it and the slight improvement I expect the author to make subsequently. Therefore, I rate Nyanga four out of four stars.

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Post by Niens Now »

Encouraging to find a book that promotes kindness and courage. Thank you for a great review.
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Post by Edit_or »

Seems like a book I’d love. I enjoyed the review. Thank you
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Post by Joseph Matimba »

I wonder what Nyanga (the name) means. Does the story tie in to the book title somehow? If so, I'm going to give this one a look out of pure curiosity; that name has some meaning where I'm from.

Otherwise thank you for your review! Detailed and concise. :lol2:
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Jim Michael M
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Post by Jim Michael M »

This gives me an edge of hint of the future world. This book realizes that the future is not impossible to conquer through time and space.
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Post by NetMassimo »

This seems like an engaging science fiction adventure with well-developed characters, so a series that develops storyline and characters even more would be great. Thank you for your terrific review!
Ciao :)
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