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Review of Mirrored Worlds

Post by Standor5865 »

[Following is an official review of "Mirrored Worlds" by Tayma Tameem.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Mirrored Worlds Book 3: The Balance by Tayma Tameem is the third installment in a series of sci-fi/fantasy novels. We follow our brave team comprising some of the main characters, Battleaxe, Graute, and Lila, from where the second book ended. In this book, the balance between Earth and Reath is compromised by the presence of a magical baby, Seline, on Earth. Seline must be retrieved and sent through the mirror portal back to Reath to restore order before disaster befalls both worlds. The mission seems straightforward for our brave heroes from Reath; however, just like other past missions in previous books, different threats to peace present difficult complications.

I have to commend Tayma Tameem for successfully concluding this series in this way and maintaining the high level of suspense that was well incorporated throughout the series. In this book, the stakes are even higher, as our heroes have to not only journey to the unfamiliar territory that is Earth but also have to work against time and the many enemies that want to weaponize Seline, including the defeated antagonist in the last book, King Solan, who was still all-powerful and hoped to restore the "Federation." Exploring themes of betrayal, a sense of duty, and selflessness, the story is not only entertaining but also relatable on several levels and imparts a few lessons.

The author wastes no time in taking us deep into the action scenes that I could not get enough of. It was interesting to see how the team would cope with not using their magic on Earth and understanding and depending on Earthly weapons in their battles. The trust they had developed for each other over the course of the previous book was evident and key, as they fought even better together.

Also, Mirrored Worlds Book 3: The Balance is a professionally edited book. I found about seven errors that mostly occurred halfway through the book and revolved around missing words. However, they were not difficult to read through.

There was no aspect of this book I did not like. While readers may understand the storyline here, it is best to read this series from the first book to get the full experience of the story and understand how the characters develop through their experiences to this point. The novel is not a light read, but its fast-paced nature makes it easy to read through. On that note, the book deserves a rating of four out of four stars. Readers who enjoy suspenseful sci-fi, fantasy, and action novels will like this book.

Mirrored Worlds
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Post by Goodness C N »

I do believe that books on specific topics and all are better appreciated by readers who have an interest in them. Regardless, you have a well-written review that gives the reader an insight into what to expect. Well done.
Amanda I
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Post by Amanda I »

Your review is well detailed. I certainly would love to read this book. I appreciate books that are properly edited. Finding errors in novels takes the fun away.
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Post by Niens Now »

I love the intrigue around the magik and the battle scenes sound amazing. Thanks for a great review.
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Post by RHD »

Fantasy books can go both ways. Basically, what you're implying is that we ought to give Mirrored words a try. Good job on the review, Standor!
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Post by Nazzy_ »

This science-fiction book will be intriguing to read. I would love to read this book. Good review.
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Post by Iqra Rafiq 1 »

Third of the series by Tayma Tameem.A book about science function and battles .thanks for the detailed review .
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Post by Obinna9058 »

I love suspense but judging from your review, this kind of suspense will make my heart beat fast.
Shivali Y
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Post by Shivali Y »

I love the sound of this book! I have a penchant for sci-fi, fantasy and suspenseful novels so I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks for a comprehensive review.
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Post by AfraBrb »

it has the same theme as the movie upsdide down but maybe a different plot, interesting book, good review
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Post by Reema Aydieh »

Tayma Tameem is a great writer.

This review caught my attention. It’s lovely! Thank you for taking the time to write it.

The book sounds interesting and suspenseful. It sounds like a great series to read.
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Post by NetMassimo »

I keep on reading great revews of Tayma Tameem's novels, so I have just to decide which one to read first. I might end up picking a stand-alone novel but I'll most certainly keep this trilogy in mind as well. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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