Review of Dirge of the Dead

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Review of Dirge of the Dead

Post by Kibetious »

[Following is an official review of "Dirge of the Dead" by Reed Logan Westgate.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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A war between two archdemons, Ertigan and Malek, sees the involvement of several pawns. Xlina Dar’Karrow killed her bosom friend Amber. She has to journey to the infernal plane together with Oxivius to rescue her soul. It does not make sense, but everything becomes clear as the story progresses. There are powers in play behind the curtain. They are pulling the strings, and various actors have to dance to their tunes. At what cost? Each one will tell when the beat stops. The consequences are far-reaching. As Xlina and Oxivius disrupt the balance between the natural order and chaos, both the celestials and infernal creatures come to restore it. Consequently, it pits the awakened against the faithful.

Unlike most books that evoke a feeling of déjà vu, every moment and event in Dirge of the Dead, written by Reed Logan Westgate, feels new. The book forces the reader to mull over subjects like free will. When Ammit, the guardian of the pathway to the underworld, asks Xlina her motive for the noble mission, one is prompted to revisit every assumption they had about it. The unraveling of this mystery takes a long, winding path. It comprises a process where multiple outer layers are peeled slowly to reveal the core. What you will discover is a simple, unexpected desire.

In Oxivius lies one of the greatest contrarieties of all time. Paradoxes exist everywhere, and the human race puts forward several theories to explain them. Are they right? Additionally, the description is so vivid that you feel you are right there in the middle of the action. Whether swimming in Phlegethon at the beginning or walking in Paradox, nothing is left to chance. The twists add to the enthralling nature of the tale. Another twist occurs when you think you have reached the peak and the anticlimax is about to start. At times, a new character comes in when you least expect, adding to the suspense. Eventually, the action never stops, suspense is maintained, and the ending is satisfactory.

The only downside of the book was the errors I discovered. Every other aspect was spellbinding. I felt as if I were an explorer trading uncharted seas. Uncertainty sufficiently describes the memorable voyage. In calm moments, I had an opportunity to savor the alluring scenes, enjoy conversations, and reflect deeply. On the other hand, the gory fights were scary and thrilling, depending on who was likely to emerge triumphant. So, every moment was animated.

I rate Dirge of the Dead three out of four stars owing to the grammatical errors. Another round of editing will attract a perfect rating. The book will appeal to all fans of fantasy. It contains grisly scenes, some profanities and sexual innuendos and, so, is unsuitable for anyone averse to them.

Dirge of the Dead
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Post by Nazzy_ »

This book is made up of several elements, horror stories are usually captivating and fearful. Great review!
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Post by Jenniferg_1105 »

Archdemons and free will. This story sounds mysterious. It is unfortunate that the book is not well edited.
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Post by Gabriella1997 »

I enjoyed reading this review, I love books filled with fantasies, thanks for the honest review.
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Post by NetMassimo »

This seems like an intense and suspenseful fantasy story that keeps the readers' attention until the end unfolding various plot elements. I hope the author does another round of editing to make it excellent. Thank you for your great review!
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Post by AfraBrb »

im not a big fan of novels that mess up with religion or step on the line, good review
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