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Guda Lydia
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Review of Terms of Service

Post by Guda Lydia »

[Following is an official review of "Terms of Service" by Craig W. Stanfill.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Kim pensively sat staring into the darkness of another restless and dreamless night. She had memories and fears, which felt familiar yet were not hers. It was just five years ago when Kim got the opportunity to work at the Artificial Intelligence Company. Elated and proud of herself, she enthusiastically embarked on her assignments, eager to rise through the ranks and perform more meaningful tasks. Her goal was to interact with higher-ranked AIs, like an Order Four AI, who could multitask, spawn over a hundred independent personae, which individually greeted new employees and briefed them. However, things quickly turned routine and bland, with the realization of the gravity of her roles gradually sinking in.

Outside work, Kim lived in a nondescript house and wore mandatory pale beige, pale blue, or pale green attire, which were gender-neutral. The concept of freedom and privacy was alien, and every aspect of life, like food choice, companionship and childbirth, conversation topics, music, and entertainment, were subject to monitoring and evaluation. Any slight infringement or defiance resulted in brutal and swift punishment from the AI and the Hierarchy. The absurdity of a supposedly perfect world driven by unity, community, and equality began sinking in. Kim’s rising anger and motivation to break free increased when she met Kimberly, her latest AI assignment. Will Kim figure out everything in time? How is she to fight formidable enemies who control the very world she lives in?

Craig W. Stanfill brings forth a captivating fictional story that challenges the notion of reality versus illusion and honest leadership. Craig has an excellent writing style that brings out a world dominated by machines and virtual reality simulations. It is easy to distinguish between the real and virtual worlds, the robots and humans. The various living conditions from labor camps to wealthy districts are distinctly perceivable. The vivid description of the personalities of each character and the worker robots allows for visualization and a realistic reading experience. There is also use of humor and sarcasm, like when Kim hilariously questions new outfits that are vibrant pale beige.

The book’s authenticity of a nondescript and neutral world is my favorite aspect about it. The days are from Oneday to Sevenday, and humans have feminine pronouns and numbers for their second names. Additionally, the companies are nameless, only referred to as the food, shoe, or clothing companies. The robots interact with humans in every aspect and have authority over them. Nevertheless, I did not like the depiction of the excessive use of an assortment of drugs and alcohol to induce intimacy. It is not relevant, and I am a firm believer in the anti-drugs message in whatever setting.

Terms of Service: Subject to Change Without Notice does not have any grammatical or spelling errors, a testament to the exceptional editing. The language employed is simple but with a little jargon and scientific concepts. The book lacks any profanity but has extensive descriptions of intimacy and erotic scenes. Terms of Service: Subject to Change Without Notice is a unique read that dives into the concept of fanaticism and discrimination veiled in compassion and care. It highlights a grim future, which is a reflection of our current life. The book's conclusion leaves one hopeful and renewed, yearning for the next book in the sequel. I recommend it to readers looking for a unique story of the ‘rise of the machines’ and a fight for freedom and truth. The book deserves a rating of 4 out of 4 stars.

Terms of Service
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Post by Edit_or »

I can imagine underestimating the gravity of a particular job and realizing it’s full description when you’re in it already. Good review.
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Post by Luchris_michael »

There are sometimes when the jobs or responsibility infringe on our privacy and freewill. It is a nice book. Good review.
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Post by Ezrait »

I really loved the summary of the book, and am now looking forward to reading this book since I put it off for some weeks.
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Pearl Thomas
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Post by Pearl Thomas »

What an attention-grabbing plot! Also, the description of a neutral world is so interesting. Great review.
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Mtibza eM
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Post by Mtibza eM »

I think this book is so different, putting different elements together sets it apart.
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Post by Muggu »

Anger management plays a key role in life controlling issues may lead you to a beautiful future and here the neutral world is interesting
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Chinaza Nnabuenyi
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Post by Chinaza Nnabuenyi »

Even with Kim's fears, she still strives towards achieving her goals. I love the review.
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Post by Gabriella1997 »

Kim is scared, but it doesn't stop her from striving for the best, beautiful and inspiring review.
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Post by NetMassimo »

This seems like an intriguing novel that develops very well some classic themes. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
Malkia Esther
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Post by Malkia Esther »

I always want to know people's fantasy of how far the relationship between human and technology can get. Thanks for the review, this is a "want to read" for me.
Clurrence Mogaka 1
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Post by Clurrence Mogaka 1 »

The fact that she denies her self her personal freedom makes me wonder how she viewed herself working in the intelligence office. She sacrifices her inner comfort and her self image is tainted because she wants to rise above the ranks. Seems like a no read book for me.
Nonso Ok
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Post by Nonso Ok »

Great to see that both of us are firm advocates against the use of drugs in any way and manner. You did an amazing job with this review!
Sandra Lax
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Post by Sandra Lax »

This is a great review, and I am going to be adding it to my list of books to read. Do you have any others to recommend?
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Post by ilvaciraku »

You have done a good job with this review. I really enjoyed the summary of the book and I believe you have described everything in a simple way. Will definitely buy this book and read it as soon as possible
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