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Review of Odyssey Tale

Post by Guda LM »

[Following is an official review of "Odyssey Tale" by Cody Schlegel.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Otis Seehus sat in his dingy and desolate prison cell, having lost the sense of time and physical health. It was his fourth year as a prisoner, and he still had hope, tethering his sanity to the thoughts of his wife, Penelope, and son, Mac. He reminisced his happier days when his world was filled with Penelope’s laughter and the overwhelming love for their son. His captor was amazed by his resilience, and his need to punish him turned to curiosity at his tenacity and refusal to give up. His spirit remained unbroken, and he still had the will to live.

In another part of the sea, the Lost Boys, a crew of seven men, were completing their latest assignment. By chance, the young men stumbled upon a letter with intriguing contents that promised adventure and a hefty payday. Jinni, a mysterious and older member of the group, convinced them of the authenticity of the mission before them. They soon set off on a mission to find the lost king of Ithaca and solve a fourteen-year-old mystery. However, they are yet to comprehend the magnitude of their quest and soon encounter obstacles beyond their imaginations. Everything soon morphs into a battle for survival, a clash of the supernatural and mortal world, and a race to rule over a coveted kingdom. At the center of it is Otis Seehus.

Odyssey Tale by Cody Schlegel is a captivating and highly engaging read. The introduction instantly hooks the reader as the story opens by detailing Penelope’s life and childhood. Cody seamlessly introduces each character throughout the book and expertly develops their role and relation to the storyline. The intricate description of each character also brings out their unique physical and behavioral attributes. The comprehensive description of each scene and setting also adds to the engaging nature of the book. For instance, one could experience the unpredictable nature of the sea or visualize the nail-biting and tense fights for survival.

My favorite aspect of the read is how the story weaves in the origin stories of several beloved fairy tale characters and narratives. Every iconic moment in Otis’s life brings with it the birth of a character like Robin Hood, Peter Pan, or the Trojan Horse narrative. The book also made for a hilarious read through the humor and sarcasm brought out by various characters. I cannot think of anything to dislike about this extraordinary tale. The many and surprisingly memorable characters have a role to play in building the storyline.

I did not find any grammar or spelling errors, evidence of the book’s exceptional and excellent editing. However, though the language employed is intelligible, there are notable cases of profanities and sexual innuendos. The intimate scenes are not graphic but are clear enough to leave a metal picture. I would not recommend the read to readers younger than seventeen years. Odyssey Tale is a novel that lives up to its name. It takes the reader through a long and tense series of events, keeping one glued to the pages and constantly yearning for more. Every chapter evokes different emotions like pain, disappointment, anger, hope, and love. Honestly, the only rating the book deserves is 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend this intense read to anyone looking for a comprehensive story that depicts true love, incredible tenacity, and brotherhood, with a healthy sprinkle of whimsy and creativity.

Odyssey Tale
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Post by Anilllll »

It seems an amazing and intriguing book with the mission to accomplish, character buildup, humour and love tale. You wrote an excellent review!
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Post by Eloque3locks »

An interesting review with a rather intriguing plotline,. Seems like a fine read. :tiphat:
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Post by markodim721 »

The author has done an excellent job of placing the ancient epic in a contemporary setting.
Marilyn Moody
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Post by Marilyn Moody »

Certainly sounds like an adventurous and intriguing read with something of a fantasy element.
Timothy Ojonugwa
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Post by Timothy Ojonugwa »

Certainly sounds like an adventurous and
intriguing read with something of a
fantasy element.
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Cebo Mollifii
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Post by Cebo Mollifii »

Perfect review,I love the way it's introduced, the power of love that keeps one alive,this is definitely a cool read..🤙
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Post by Wesusa »

Despite the wonderfully written review, I don't think this is a title that is in my wheelhouse. Great Job regardless!
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Post by Amy Luman »

How exciting! Supernatural adventures always catch my attention. I’m really excited to see what happens in this story.
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Post by Benaron »

The plot sounds interesting, the characters well developed, and you mentioned the book is professionally edited; sounds like a great read!
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Reema Aydieh
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Post by Reema Aydieh »

If the book is as intriguing as this review I’m sure I’ll enjoy.
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Post by marba »

This book sounds amazing! Excellent review :)
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Novela book
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Post by Novela book »

This looks like a wonderful mixture of plot, drama and adventure. Great review.
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