Official Review: The Site by Carlos Valrand

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Latest Review: The Site by Carlos Valrand

Official Review: The Site by Carlos Valrand

Post by Misael »

[Following is an official review of "The Site" by Carlos Valrand.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Odd, vivid dreams keep bothering London schoolteacher Cecily Denfeld; in those dreams, she is someone else. Then Cecily begins having insights of Charles and Vivian while she is conscious. Unbeknownst to her, some of her dreams match reality. In her dreams, Charles Ryder and Vivian Venables, the people whose lives she is experiencing in her dreams are trying to escape from men raining bullets on them. The two are on a mission of recovering a top-secret document of the U.S. government. Danger escalates as powerful individuals in the government seem determined to preserve a secret. Charles' pursuit of the truth transports him to an underground facility governed by aliens from the star system Omver. He is shocked to discover his country is in partnership with aliens. How will he escape and expose the truth to the world? The Site by Carlos Valrand intertwines the lives of Cecily, Vivian and Charles in this exciting psychological sci-fi novel.

When you thought all stories about aliens were extensively explored, Valrand came up with a fascinating plot. He knew how to hold his readers' interest. It was like a puzzle; each chapter drew me closer to the mystery. It was nearly impossible to put the book down: the twists and turns were unexpected. His amazing narrative extended to his creativity of integrating his story with some historical data and made it believable.

The Site came up with likable characters. Each one played a significant role in the story. I particularly liked Charles’s character. He does not dwell on his feelings and emotions; he readily accepts his present situation and acts immediately. Being an engineer afforded Valrand the avenue to come up with unusual structures and concepts in the story and made it sound feasible. His explanations sounded realistic and believable. His amazing narrative made it easy for me to visualize Charles battling the hideous monsters, the unusual transportation modules and the aliens’ seats that adjust about their occupants.

There was a barrage of unusual names and terms as I read on. It was confusing at first and it took me a while before I got used to the peculiarity. In the end, I could only be amazed at the author's talent for coming up with bizarre names. There is nothing to dislike about the book.

There were minimal grammatical errors: a misspelled word, a word that should not be capitalized and incorrect use of a punctuation mark.

The author’s take on aliens on Earth is refreshing and engaging. The minimal grammatical errors led me to believe the author utilized a proper proofreading tool. I give The Site by Carlos Valrand 4 out 4 stars.

If you like sci-fi novels about extraterrestrial beings, this is spot on. I believe the novel ended with a cliff-hanger, so if you are not into this type of ending, look elsewhere.

The Site
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Post by Booklover Becca »

What a unique plot! I’d be very interested to read this and find out how Cecily’s dreams are connected to everything else. Thanks for the great review
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Post by markodim721 »

I like the composition of the book in the shape of a labyrinth, where the reader is getting closer to the mystery with each page.
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Post by Kavita Shah »

This book sounds interesting. And Cecily's dreams that are reality sounds weird but good. Thank you for a great review!
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Post by El_limitless »

Intriguing plot. I love the story already, and I'm definitely checking out soon. Great review.
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Post by NetMassimo »

This seems like a well-constructed story about a classic science fiction theme though I think I'll wait for at least a sequel to get published before deciding if I want to read this series. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Post by Kelyn »

This is an interesting variation on the 'aliens and earthings' trope. I would love to know how Cecily is coming to have dreams (visions?) of Charles and Vivian. I may have to consider reading this one! Thanks for the well-written review!
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Post by Pallavi Lakra »

Wow! This sounds like the author is very creative with the names and making this book a hard one to comprehend, making it even more interesting and appealing. Thanks for the wonderful review.
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Post by Mindful Wordsmith »

This book has a very interesting plot.
It's frightening to think that some aliens and earthlings are working together on a secret project. I think there's involvement of some alien technology that cause Cecily to have those visions.
Thanks for this wonderful review :tiphat:
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Post by Murtaza563 »

Starting of this book is very interesting, Plot is also very good. Idea of working together like aliens and human altogether on some project is looking good, which may be possible in future of mankind,,

Overall a good book by its genere.....
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Post by Vishnu Priya B »

I love sci-fi novels and it takes a lot of time and effort to come up with unusual names. The plot is interesting and the concept of aliens is appealing. Since the novel ends with a cliffhanger, I hope to read a sequel to this book:)
Joshua Onubogu
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Post by Joshua Onubogu »

I love sci-fi stories and the idea of aliens partnering with humans gives me a thrilling sensation that freaks me out and also jumping for excitement,the intertwing Destinies of each character is fascinating. I feel that this review has done juctice and I wouldn't mind reading the book,seems cool.
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Post by Marife Solito »

Aliens do will make a great and complex story. I will definitely try to read this to expand my knowledge if aliens are real! Meet this aliens from this book and try to imagine that they exists within those pages
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Post by oluwalonimi29 »

The book promises to be a wonderful read from the review.Not a fan of Allien book though,but will give this a trial.
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Post by ASVarghese »

Always a fan of psychological thrillers, can't wait to dive into this one. The plot seems ambitious, would love to see its execution.
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