Official Review: Reign - The Assault of Lucifer Morningstar

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Official Review: Reign - The Assault of Lucifer Morningstar

Post by justhereader »

[Following is an official review of "Reign - The Assault of Lucifer Morningstar" by Carol McKibben.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Carol McKibben’s Reign - The Assault of Lucifer Morningstar is the first book in The Silver Blood Knight series. In the city of Florence, Italy, Satan unleashes a plague that turns people into zombies. A band of vampire crossbreeds must come together to restore peace in Florence and defeat the forces of evil. Reign, an unusual hybrid of a vampire and a spirit wolf, is among our heroes. As Reign and his friends answer the call to save Italy, they’re heading towards a violent war against the Devil himself.

This book plunges readers into the mystical world of vampires, supernatural hybrids, magic, angels, and demons. An unusual style of storytelling was employed, as a wolf was both the narrator and the main character. The conflict manifests immediately in the beginning, throwing the reader right into the action. Those who are keen on fast-paced stories will feast on this book.

The vampires in the story are warriors who work for God. Their missions have the divine blessing, making them the heroes of the story. I find this interesting, as most stories depict otherwise. It’s also fun reading about the characters’ supernatural abilities. For example, there are shape shifters who can turn their human forms into animal ones, a wolf who can use telepathy and travel by teleportation, and a young wizard who can clone himself. I also like how the book ends with a cliffhanger, leaving enough anticipation for the sequel.

The characters, however, are near-perfect individuals who can’t commit any missteps. It’s too easy for things to fall into place, severing the element of tension the book could’ve had. I also dislike some of the generic archetypes in the story. There are blood-dependent vampires of striking appearance and malevolent people whose motivations are to obtain immortality. There’s the caricature of Satan who’s wrathful, devious, and capable of transforming himself into a charming human. Although these are not necessarily a bad thing, these inclusions lack a somewhat unique spin that will satisfy a conscious reader.

The author’s writing style is straightforward and easy to digest. The editing quality is excellent. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars for the quick and relatively fun reading experience. I appreciate the eccentric warriors of God, the unconventional perspective, the supernatural element, and the cliffhanger in the end. Unfortunately, there were unsatisfactory elements that made me deduct a star. Casual readers who can forgive the lack of novelty in some areas will find this a decent read. However, this will be less suitable for those who prefer a well-rounded fantasy story.

Reign - The Assault of Lucifer Morningstar
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Post by Chigo Nwagboso »

This will surely be an intriguing book. Thank for a detailed review.
Isabellah Cave
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Post by Isabellah Cave »

Thankyou for such a great review!the mix and match of different mythical creatures is a sign of a truly exciting book. The plot is captivating and I hope the author managed to bring to life such a brilliant idea for a book.
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Post by Mtibza eM »

Wow, after reading Soul Seeker by Kaylin McFarrren, and enjoyed it since is also about demons and angels, I think this one will surpass it. Thank you for sharing this beautiful review with us. I enjoyed reading it.
Jonathan chikwanda
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Post by Jonathan chikwanda »

If this was a movie I would definitely enjoy watching it.

Wonderful content 🙏
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Post by Prisallen »

I agree that it is unusual for the vampires and wolves to be the good guys and it sounds as though there is a lot to enjoy about this book. However, I prefer my book to be standalone and not end on a cliffhanger. So, I think I will pass on this one. Thanks for a great review!
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Yvonne Monique
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Post by Yvonne Monique »

Vampires are usually not considered warriors of God, so that's definitely an interesting twist. I enjoyed your review, although I won't be reading this book.
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Post by MarianaFigueira »

Beautiful review, incredibly thorough. I might give this one a go, thanks for the recommendation.
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Post by OBC Reviewer »

Sci-fi fantasy with zombies is definitely an interesting read. Thank you for the intriguing review
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Post by NetMassimo »

An original twist about vampires makes this novel interesting despite its flaws. I'll look into this series. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Post by Tarilan »

Jonathan chikwanda wrote: 06 Feb 2021, 10:31 If this was a movie I would definitely enjoy watching it.

Wonderful content 🙏
Me too. I would have enjoyed a movie based on this book. The book cover looks like it was meant for a movie. Good job on the review.
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Post by Raluca_Mihaila »

I love supernatural themed books, and I appreciate a new perspective regarding vampires. Thank you for your recommendation and nice review!
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Post by Eutoc »

This is one unique musical fiction book. I wonder what it would be like seeing angel Gabriel and a group of vampires working together.
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Post by MysticSpade »

Mtibza eM wrote: 05 Feb 2021, 11:23 Wow, after reading Soul Seeker by Kaylin McFarrren, and enjoyed it since is also about demons and angels, I think this one will surpass it. Thank you for sharing this beautiful review with us. I enjoyed reading it.
SOUL SEEKER WAS FANTASTIC :shock: :shock: And after this review, I'm tempted to pick up Reign
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