Review by TheMazeRunner -- So Long Earth

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Review by TheMazeRunner -- So Long Earth

Post by TheMazeRunner »

[Following is a volunteer review of "So Long Earth" by Michael Bienenstock.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Recently, there has been more and more discussion about climate change and the consequences it has left on Earth. The Earth is falling apart, and just a few people care about it. Sea ​​levels are rising, glaciers are melting, some animal and plant species are dying, the food chain is collapsing, and some politicians claim those are just conspiracy theories. The sad and terrible truth is that it is all happening around us, and we refuse to think about it. Unfortunately, this is our reality, and we need to unite and defeat this growing threat. Why would we allow our grandchildren to experience the inevitable and terrible end of life on Earth? It is time to take all measures to make the Earth our home for the next few million years.

Dr. Thomas Burns was having a nice dinner with his 8-year-old son Sam when he heard Donald Trump’s speech full of nonsense. He said that climate change is just a stupid statement that scientists made up. Dr. Thomas Burns immediately contacted his friends and colleagues, who were all scientists themselves. FaceTime meeting gathered men from Russia, Germany, Australia, and America. They will try to save this world. Dr. Thomas Burns dedicated his work and life to save the planet Earth, and he resigned from his job because of that. His boss disagreed and told him he would fail. Thomas received derogatory words from almost everyone around him about his plan to save the Earth. Despite that, he followed his heart and mind and set out to fight with his colleagues to build a never-before-seen spacecraft that would take humans to safety if something happens to Earth. The question is whether his mission will be successful or the ugly words of his loved ones will come true.

So Long Earth is an educational fiction written by Michael Bienenstock. The author presented the most dangerous world problems in a book that carries a unique plot. I loved every single word in this book. It has both touched my heart and opened my mind to alternative possibilities. One message the author sends is that we must be firm, persistent, and not give up on our dreams and ideas, even when they seem unattainable. There are many scientific facts the author presented throughout the book. Some of them I knew, and some of them needed a bit of research. For example, there is a scene of Donald Trump’s speech about climate change and conspiracy theories in the book. That speech has happened in real life, and I was not happy to find that out. The author also mentioned Elon Musk and his creations that should eventually lead to a healthier life. I can confirm that every piece of information in the book is accurate. Each chapter in the book has a title that gives us a peek of what will happen in it. Also, each chapter is dedicated to one of the characters, who the author developed perfectly.

There are a few profane words in the book, but there are no graphic scenes present in it. I am free to say that the author wrote this book immaculately and edited it professionally since I found only one minor mistake in the book. I came across a couple of places in the book where Bienenstock described some situations extensively. It doesn’t bother me personally, but it can distract a reader from the plot in the book.

To sum everything up, I am giving this book 4 out of 4 stars for the originality and the perfect idea to attract as many people as possible to teach them we have to take care of ourselves and the planet. This book is both suitable for adults and children since it teaches us how to deal with climate change and future life on Earth. I would love to see this book as a bestseller because I think that many people would change their mindset after reading it.

So Long Earth
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Post by Raluca_Mihaila »

I love the idea of the book, and it seems like a fictional work based on a harsh reality. I strongly believe that every little help matters, so we should all do something about it. Thank you for this interesting and inspiring review!
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Post by NetMassimo »

This seems really an interesting book that addresses real-world problems in the form of fiction offering a lot of useful information. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Post by Mtibza eM »

Mhmm, the fact that this book tackles such important topic I think I have no choice but to read it. Thank you for the beautiful review.
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Post by Saint Bruno »

When I saw educational fiction,I just knew this is a book I would be interested in. Thanks for the insightful review and recommndation.
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Post by kandscreeley »

It's interesting how the author has combined real elements with a fictional story. It sounds like it was done well, which I appreciate. Thanks for the solid review.
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Post by Claire Vaal »

Great review! I read and reviewed this book also, and I think you summed it up very well :D
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Post by Sararob06 »

It seems like the author has found a way to approach important but difficult topics in a way that is honest but unique. They also blend real life and fiction which appears to make for an interesting read. Thanks for your great review!
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Post by MsH2k »

I like the idea of educational fiction, and this book seems to educate the reader on a very timely issue. I will have to check out this read. Thank you for a thorough review!
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Post by AvidBibliophile »

Climate change is definitely a growing threat, and it’s a topic that deserves ongoing consideration worldwide. It sounds like this book succeeds in presenting the information in an educationally engaging way!
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Post by Tarilan »

Most of us ignore these climate change talks. It could be because we are scared to admit that the threats are increasing more and more. Maybe it is time to address them and come up with solutions. Thanks for the great review.
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Post by Sou Hi »

Thanks for your engaging review. This book is quite interesting, as it discusses many sensitive topics in real life, such as climate change, social responsibility, and politics. The details about Trump and Musk are quite intriguing, too.
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Post by SamaylaM »

The book seems to address very serious issues in the current world in an educational read with a little bit of fiction. Thank you for your honest and comprehensive review. Great work!
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Post by Josephe-Anne »

The concept of this book sounds very similar to many other science fiction novels, but it seems to be well-written and entertaining. So, perhaps one day, I will read it.

Thank you for sharing your honest opinion.
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