Review by OonnaRessy -- Shield Down by William de Berg

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Latest Review: Shield Down by William de Berg

Review by OonnaRessy -- Shield Down by William de Berg

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Shield Down" by William de Berg.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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I generally like science fiction books so this one is well within my preference, but still, I have my reservation because a good book is only as good as advertised if it does its purpose to entertain. So without further ado, here is my review of the book Shield Down by William de Berg.

Shield Down is a well-thought-of story that narrates how the human race was able to survive a cataclysmic event that made the Earth uninhabitable place for two hundred years. The book gives a very detailed account on how the catastrophe came to be and tells the story of how human race survive the mass extinction.

The story itself was divided into three parts where the first part narrates the events that leads to the discovery of the cause of the catastrophe and the preparation of the believer of the doomsday. Second part tells the reader of the events that took place right after the signs of the impending doom appear as well as the government’s preparation for what’s coming. The third part details how few people survived the disaster and what has become of the human and its society after being underground for two hundred years.

The Good:
I would like to start my review of how the story was started. As someone who judges if a book is worth spending money on by the first few pages of the book, I can say that how the first few pages were written was able to catch my attention. The details that explained the impending doom kept me going through the pages and before I knew it, I was already twenty pages into the story. The author successfully piqued by interest making me want to know more how the story unfolds. Having said that, I would definitely buy this book once it’s published.

The second thing I would highlight is the placing of the references in the footer. I made a random check of the references mentioned in the footer and the one I opened are real references, so I give the author one point for that. Also, having reference showed that the author did his research on the topic. And honestly, this is a very well thought of doomsday story.

The third aspect that I like is the fact that the doom that the Earth faced is of natural occurrence. It gave me comfort that the impending doom the characters about to face is not caused by human. Somehow, knowing that humans have no hand in the catastrophe in this story enables me to sympathize with the characters. In this book, I felt that human should be given a chance to live as they are just another species about to be annihilated by forces of nature. There are lots of apocalyptic themed stories I’ve read that are caused by human error and stories like that made me feel like humans does not deserve Earth and should just disappear from the face of it as we humans only brings destruction and chaos. With this book, I was really rooting for the survival of the human race.

Lastly, I am intrigued about the conspiracy theories that this book tackled. I am a normal human being whose priority lies on surviving the daily mundane nature of life. I do not give much thought on conspiracy theories on the internet. I know they are there, but it doesn’t affect my daily life, so I don’t pay much attention to them. This book gave me a glimpse of how the government might be lying about the Moon landing or the truth about alien life and made me wonder what else the government is not telling us, ordinary people. I put it under good because the author has successfully planted the seed of conspiracy in my head and if this is one of the objectives of the author, then he has successfully done so.

The Bad:
The first thing I would like to highlight under bad is that I am disappointed that Carletta Jackson has not participated in the effort for human survival. She is the first character introduced, but she was not given a chance to survive so it somehow disconnected me to the story. Although the plot is set with other characters, I was hoping to hear more of Carletta after her character build up.

Another thing I’m not very happy about is how James Templeton and Jacqueline DeFazio died. They choose to die in their own terms. I’m a Christian so suicide doesn’t sit right with me. This might have a negative impact on the reader as it did to me.

Having said all that, I will give the book 4 out of 4 stars for having a well-thought-of story, well-defined characters and thoroughly explained events. It serves its purpose to entertain readers and I like that the author gave another doomsday story that focused on how and why the catastrophe happen. It gave readers many points to ponder which is a good thing for me. I found little spelling error in the book, but they are minimal and do not take away from the story, thus the score. I would recommend this book to friends as my circle of friends usually like science fiction.

Shield Down
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I read a version of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' with annotations. I would've been lost without them and unable to follow the story. So, I'm glad that this particular book has them. Kudos to the author. Thanks for your wonderful review.
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