Review by Marv_iee -- Worldlines by Adam Guest

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Review by Marv_iee -- Worldlines by Adam Guest

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Worldlines" by Adam Guest.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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People often ask where dreams come from, Worldlines by Adam Guest is a sci-fi novel that does an amazing job of presenting an answer to this question. After a physics lecture where their lecturer brings up the many worlds theory, Gary and his best friend, Sinead who are both physics students at the University start questioning the possibility of there being more than one world.

During the lecture, different students were asked to share near death experiences, their lecturer then tells them that the outcome of their near death experiences would have been different in each worldline and their lives would have been affected differently, Gary and Sinead consider what their lecturer said as absurd but when Gary commits a crime he has absolutely no memory of, he begins to believe his lecturer's theory may be the only explanation to what happened.

The plot of the novel is very gripping and is capable of hooking readers once they start reading, it is most certainly an attention grabber. I love how the author depicts the life of the main character in three different worldlines, the grey line, the blue line and the red line. Gary's life in the different worldlines were somewhat similar but also very different, for instance, he narrowly escaped an accident in one worldline and he didn't in another one, the outcome of the accident made Gary's life different from his life in the other worldlines.

I enjoyed how the plot of the novel was executed, the author also made the characters so real, it was fascinating to see the characters with different lives and personalities in the different worldlines. The main conflict of the novel began when Gary tried to defend himself after being accused of a crime which himself from another worldline committed while practicing lucid dreaming, this is where the theory of dreams comes into play. Gary's physics lecturer explains that while we sleep, our consciousness journeys through these various worldlines and the things we see while dreaming might be real.

The author's writing style is easy to understand and world building is also vivid and descriptive. Adam Guest is a big believer in the many worlds theory and he uses his novel worldlines to present and better explain his theories to readers. A lot of science related stuff were explained in the novel and I sometimes found it hard to keep up with the explanations but these things were made clearer in later chapters. The use of suspense in the novel was also very appealing and kept me glued to my screen, although the novel ended in a cliffhanger, it was still very satisfying.

Worldlines by Adam Guest is a novel capable of changing one's views and perspectives on life. There was nothing I disliked about the book, I did not notice any grammatical or punctuation errors while reading. I rate Worldlines by Adam Guest four out of four stars. This novel contains no curse words but has a few romantic scenes. I recommend this book to teenagers and adults who like sci-fi and are interested or believe in the multiverse.

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