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Review by daydreaming reader -- We are Voulhire: A New A...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "We are Voulhire: A New Arrival under Great Skies" by Matthew Tysz.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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We are Voulhire, A New Arrival Under Great Skies by Matthew Tysz, is the first novel of a fantasy series. The series is titled, We are Voulhire, and 5 books are already published. In total, 9 books are planned for the series.

The story is told from several points of view and the writer introduces several characters throughout the novel.

It all starts with the story of Galen, who hails from the Land of the Princes. After 2 weeks on a boat, Galen has arrived at Voulhire, a place completely opposite the Land of the Princes. The good fortune of his arrival to Voulhire, is due to an estranged uncle, whom Galen didn't know existed. Galen's new home in Magnus Caelum, though modest compared to the luxury of the rest of Voulhire, is so much more than what he ever imagined he would have.

Meanwhile, Wilhelm, the beloved King of Voulhire, is not only faced with the political games presented by rivals. He is also attempting to a guard a secret only a few know, and which must be kept from the public.

Another story is unfolding in the city of Hillport. Hillport is not far from Magnus Caelum, where Galen is adjusting to a new life. Like Magnus Caelum, the prosperity seen in other Voulhire towns are not present. Thus, King Wilhelm has charged the trusted and loyal Lord Eldus to usher Hillport into golden age along with the rest of the Voulhire. But first, Lord Eldus has to heal Hillport from the damages done by not one, but two former lords of Hillport. All this Lord Eldus must be do, while also maintaining a secret from everyone, including his family.

Not far from Magnum Caelum and Hillport, lies a disaster waiting patiently to happen. A disaster that ties all these characters together.

I did not detect any grammatical or spelling errors.

I generally like fantasy books, this was no different. There is an incentive to read this series, as I would love to know how it unfolds. There is a map available at the front of the book to help the reader understand the lay out of Voulhire. There is also a link to a guide to common words, history and places relevant to Voulhire. Little touches such as these tend go a long way in helping readers imagine the fantasy world the writer has created.

There is little I can say that I disliked. There are a lot of characters mentioned, yet each character had its role. Thus, its not that any of the characters were unnecessary. Some characters were more intriguing than others, but with the number of novels planned for this series, things can change.

I would recommend this book to persons of 16 years and over who like fantasy or adventure novels. There is the inference of child abuse, but no direct or graphic detail is presented, thus I think someone of age 16 would be capable of reading this book.

I rate his book 4 out 4 stars , and I look forward to reading how the rest of the story unfolds.

We are Voulhire: A New Arrival under Great Skies
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