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Official Review: The Chosen of Ky'kias: Part One

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Official Review: The Chosen of Ky'kias: Part One

Post Number:#1 by srivolco
» 28 Oct 2013, 07:59

[Following is the official review of "The Chosen of Ky'kias: Part One" by K.S. Lewis.]

With 92 pages from cover to cover “The chosen of Kykias: Part One” by K.S. Lewis packs a solid punch for a short read. As the first book of a series it does a great show-and-tell of what can be expected in the next installment. The author is a lover of fantasy, fairy tales and such and that love has clearly translated into the writing. Clear and concise narrative bunched together in short crisp chapters built up to an end which will leave the reader at the edge of the seats wanting for more.

The story kicks off in a sleepy town Mae on the Isle Mae following the simple beginnings of a fantastic adventure of Oran and Glen. Oran is a record keeper, an orphan rescued on shore of the Isle as a child. Glen Calladon is his dearest friend. Glen is a Town Guard with an adventurous spirit who thirsts to have a go at the wonders of the world beyond their tiny isle. The unlikely pair of a lanky scholar and a burly Warrior keep helping the towns folk out in their free times off from work in menial tasks in preparation for the big lift off.

A summon from the Town Mayor about a discovery , a possible treasure map pointing to the old run down mines on the isle takes them on a journey of magic, terrifying beasts, gods, mystery and thrill. Battling their way through uncharted territory Glen and Oran grow in skill and take on opponents of preposterous ability.

Never slacking and always engaging the chapters were well paced. The amount of detailing was just the right amount, keeping the action going while letting me visualize the surroundings, nature and characters of the book. Witty debates between Glen and Oran will remind you of the tug of wars between two competitive brothers.

I would rate the book a three out of four stars, only reason I cut the one star is not that it lacked anything but just that it didn’t blow my mind away. On a few occasions the dialogue seemed a bit off and I had to do a do over to understand who was saying what. A lot of fantasy usually runs into complicated twisted plot lines which at times becomes too demanding for a casual relaxing read. This was not one of those; it is a lay back and enjoy the ride kind of book. I had a smile on my face all the while I was reading and that is how I love them. A great way to take your first steps into the genre of fantasy for the novice reader and a welcome break from heavy reading for the expert.

Buy "The Chosen of Ky'kias: Part One" on Amazon
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Srivolco !!
srivolco's Latest Review: "The Chosen of Ky'kias" by K.S. Lewis
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