Official Review: World, Incorporated by Tom Gariffo

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Official Review: World, Incorporated by Tom Gariffo

Post by faceman3535 » 02 Sep 2013, 07:55

[Following is the official review of "World, Incorporated" by Tom Gariffo.]
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I read the e-book World, Incorporated by Tom Gariffo.

Tom Gariffo writes of a world that is in the future but has its origins in the present. In an age of wars, poverty, and fear of losing everything that one has. Tom Gariffo then brings in the current instability of the world's economy in his writing of World, Incorporated. Tom Gariffo asks the tough questions. What if the current governments of the world can't stop the economy from declining more? Who will take care of our needs? The answer, the world of World, Incorporated.

World, Incorporated the novel where countries are run not by governments but by super corporations that take care of ever persons needs. Needs from food, health care, jobs etc. Every need that a person could ever have is met and taken care of by the Super Corporations. The Super Corporations who regard President Regan as their hero for actions and policies that he implemented during his presidency during his term in 1980's. Due to these policies; corporations over time were able to do what the governments could not do. In this future there are no rich people, middle class, poor; all are equal. From birth to death the people of the future have no need to worry about anything at all. Welcome to the world of World, Incorporated written by Tom Gariffo.

The book starts with the reader being introduced to Agent Silver an operative for one of the Super Corporations. Agent Silver's job is to take care of those who would try and find fault with the Super Corporations that saved the world from the brink of destruction caused by the poor handling of the world's economy by the governments of the world. When those people who start to cause waves in the stability of the perfect world; Agent Silver is sent in with his vast skills, weaponry and high tech airship. With skills and technology Agent Silver is able to deal with the people in the appropriate manner deemed by the Super Corporation. Be it a simple shake up or termination of a person's life, Agent Silver does so without any hint of emotion or guilty conscious.

Agent Silver sees his job as doing what is needed to keep the world a peaceful and better place. Those who he is sent after with his missions, are no longer to be considered as humans contributing to society; and deserve whatever punishment that the Super Corporation tells him to give them. This mind set makes it easy for Agent Silver to do his job without worrying about those who are effected by his actions. All of this changes in the beginning of the book. A mission that is routine for Agent Silver, goes wrong and an unwanted element is introduced into Agent Silvers life and starts to cause him to question what he has been doing for the very first time.

Agent Silver is loner who's only interacts with other humans when he has to. During his missions and with his employer which is one of the CEO's of World, Inc. headquarters based out of New Detroit. The CEO 's name is Rockefeller a person Agent Silver would not even interact with but for the fact that it is Rockefeller who gives Agent Silver a "medicine" know as Serum; that Agent Silver needs for some mysterious reason. Outside of the small interaction Agent Silver's world is his high tech ship, which he named Chrome Wind; and the computer program named Franklin that takes care of the ship. This program which is one of a kind; for it allows the ship to talk to Agent Silver allowing him to have conversations with it. All this changes at the end of the mission where the reader is introduced to Agent Silver in the form of a female by the name of Kelly an unfortunate lose end from his mission.

Not wanting to deal with Kelly, Agent Silver instructions Franklin to education her on world affairs as he sleeps. Through archived news articles that Agent Silver had gather for his own purposes, Kelly learns what kind of world she lives in. Kelly learns through the night how the world came to be ruled by the Super Corporations. How the economy started its downward spiral in May 23, 2018. The various attempts of the worlds governments to fix it. The civil unrest caused by the bad economy. Only to have Super Corporations save all by taken over all aspect of the governments. By the time Agent Silver wakes up we along with Kelly have an idea of what kind of world they live in. Agent Silver also must start to rethink the reason for what he does as he returns to New Detroit for his next mission. Can Agent Silver continue what he is good at while be continually remind of what his actions have done by the presence of Kelly?

With questions raised and a story line that takes on a whole new meaning in only the first few chapters. The book World, Incorporated by Tom Gariffo will keep the readers turning pages and looking over their own shoulders and asking "What If?". For these reasons, I give this suspense novel of the future, four out of four stars; and for first time write of a novel, Tom Gariffo, four stars. I eagerly wait for his next novel and to see where he might take us next.

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Post by ea_anthony » 06 Jul 2018, 13:34

My initial opinion is that this book will not be a light read. The review seems to corroborate this for me with the amount of information set out (Reagan- future - Super corporations - Agent - Space ship - on board computer -world affairs). However the "what if" means there was plenty of suspense which I didn't expect. I am still undecided but a bit tempted.
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Post by Bookmermaid » 22 Jul 2018, 19:08

Wow, this review sure gets me excited to read this book and get ready for the discussion of this book next month.

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Post by NuelUkah » 23 Jul 2018, 13:14

Well, I could only imagine how this could come to reality. Our government leaders are so egotistical and selfish to hands off such responsibilities to super corporations... Sounds like a good read though.
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Post by cpru68 » 24 Jul 2018, 08:51

This sounds like a scary one not from the standpoint of monsters but the idea that lives are controlled by corporations. And wow! Does that ring close to reality. This one intrigues me, so thank you for this insightful review. This isn’t my normal genre, but I’m going to look into it now.
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Post by MIRIAM LUSWE 26 » 30 Jul 2018, 16:03

Wow thing I will love this book because it talks on our world today,its interesting.

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Post by chelhack » 01 Aug 2018, 03:40

Judging by the reviews World, Incorporated sounds like it will be an interesting read. I think it may be cool in some ways for everyone to be treated as equals instead of grouped by economic classes. this also, occurring within a time of which the government ensures that everyone is taken care of sounds mind-blowing. Yet, though all of the points of interest of which I found within the review could also come with a great downside. Therefore, I am interested and discovering the outcome that takes place within this novel.
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Shilpa Paul
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Post by Shilpa Paul » 01 Aug 2018, 05:22

Thanks for the review. To think of the corporate giants rulling and running the world gives me goose bumps. When imagined I am not sure if it would be for better or for worse. Won't it be like another dictatorship. The review has instilled all these thoughts and would love to read the book to see it from the writers perspective.

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