Official Review: Worldlines by Adam Guest

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Official Review: Worldlines by Adam Guest

Post by Chipochashe »

[Following is an official review of "Worldlines" by Adam Guest.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Gary commits murder whilst lucid dreaming. At first, Gary thinks that this is a harmless dream, but then his girlfriend’s mother, Mary, who is suffering from dementia claims to have seen him committing this heinous crime. So what if his dream was not a dream after all? What if he has indeed killed someone, just not in the worldline that he is living in? What if another version of him is rotting in jail for a crime he did not commit? Gary seeks the help of a physics professor to try and figure out a plausible explanation. Is there any explanation at all and can it be proven? This is the story of Worldlines written by Adam Guest.

Adam bases his story on the multiverse theory. In this case, one instance of Gary in another worldline takes control of another instance of himself who is in a different worldline and unintentionally commits a crime that the other instance of Gary will now have to pay for. The author did a good job of making it clear which Gary was narrating at any point in time. All the different Garys narrate in the first person, so the reader is privy to their thoughts.

What I enjoyed most about the book was the theory of many worldlines itself. It is not something I believe in, but it did make for interesting fiction. If that theory were true, then, in essence, we have no character, because at any point all instances of the choice we could make will happen anyway even if it is in another worldline. It was interesting though to imagine what I would do if someone else took control of my body and committed a crime. I would have no memory of it and I would be confident that I would never do such a thing under any circumstances. So how would I go about proving myself innocent?

I disliked the repetition. Following the different instances of Gary in different worldlines necessitated the repetition of certain scenes to show how they produced a different outcome. Other than that the book is well-written and has been professionally edited. The book was reviewed before, but a star was dropped due to poor editing. I am happy to say that the author took the advice seriously and had the book thoroughly edited. I did not find any errors. I did not encounter any profane language and there were no explicit erotic scenes.

I enjoyed the plot. The idea is quite intriguing. I do not think the repetition is avoidable. Since the story is interesting and the book has been edited professionally, I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I think it will appeal most to people with a scientific mind. If you enjoy science fiction with a fantasy twist, this book is for you.

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Post by drwcroaker »

I read this book and I agree with your assessment that there was too much repetition. I like the premise of the novel, and wonder if there will be any sequels. Will Gary pursue his lucid dreaming to try and visit other Worldlines? Anyway, thanks for your review.
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Post by Kirsi_78 »

I am afraid this book might be too much for my poor head to handle :D I have read another review about this book just shortly, and yours just confirmed my thoughts. I'll just end up having nightmares, so better leave it to others!

Thanks for a nice review!
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Post by Kelyn »

I'm fascinated by the theory of parallel universes, so this book is right up my alley. I think it will be fascinating to follow the Gary's of each different world and see the differing outcomes of their actions! Thanks for the recommendation!
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Post by Sifeddin »

I have read this book and I agree with your assessment that there has been a lot of repetition. I like the introduction to the novel, and I wonder if there is any supplement. Will Gary pursue his obvious dream of not trying to visit other world lines?
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Elvis Best
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Post by Elvis Best »

I wonder if the multiple worldlines were not different to keep up with? I enjoyed your review, though. Great work!
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Post by Munachimso_Nwaogazie »

Intriguing storyline. But, I keep wondering how the two Garys will cope with their reality. And will there be a solution? Well, I can only find out if I read the book.
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Post by nanglada »

The premise of the novel seems so interesting and I’m so happy it doesn’t have editing mistakes. I’m definitely adding it to my to-read list. Thank you for your review!
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Post by Valkyrie9 »

This sounds like a fantastic read! I love stories that involve the multiverse - provided they are well-crafted - and it seems the author has done an excellent job with this one. Thanks for your thorough and insightful review.
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Post by Kemmy11 »

I have read the book and it was quite eye opening. it made me question many things, especially my dreams. Thanks for detailed review
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Post by HusainNecklace52 »

I'm intrigued by the initial concept of the book. Mixing the multiverse into fiction always seems like a great idea for a story! The book seems to have used it to proper proportions to make it fun as well as realistic.
Thank you for your review! :D
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Post by gabrielletiemi »

When I read this book I also enjoyed the idea of the multiverses and how the author explains it. It's an interesting book. I loved it! Thanks for the great review!
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Post by ankushavhad »

Good review Chipochashe.
Appreciate your catch of the theme in your review.
I did review this book on 22nd June. I was very much tempted to rate it 4 out of 4 for several reasons.
Say, a very different concept (Physics based, reality!) penned in the form of swinging story line. The color code concept -especially to Garry Blue and Garry Black is amazing. I think readers flow their mind in line with the story swing in different worldlines!
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Post by Bibliogn0st »

I absolutely love the review. The idea of multiverse sounds fantastic. I love books like these. Definitely checking it out. Thank you for the review.
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Post by Darshana Sikidar »

The review precisely depicts a great background of the story. Well persuasive and communicative. :D :D :D
Fascinating storyline, but I don't think these kinds of stories interests me or keeps me going for a long time.
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