Official Review: Homecoming by Jude Austin

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Re: Official Review: Homecoming by Jude Austin

Post by Amy+++ »

It sounds promising, however this isn't the type of sci-fi that I'm into. Great review though, I really enjoyed it.

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Eva Stoyanova
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Post by Eva Stoyanova »

This sounds like a very exciting science fiction. I definitely plan to start from the first book before picking up the sequel. I'm sure this Sci fi novel is pretty engaging!
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Post by Dominik_G »

Sci-fi is not really my genre but after reading your review I'm seriously considering giving Homecoming a try. Thank you!

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Post by Luluwa79 »

I would say the author did a nice job putting each character's feelings into play and visualizing them in the minds of the readers. I would love to experience that.
Thanks for the detailed review.
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Nickolas Farmakis
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Post by Nickolas Farmakis »

This sounds like a very typical science fiction novel, and I think one must read the prequel to this book to fully understand it. In any case, thank you for the review, and well done for the objective and rational review!

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Miriam Molina
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Post by Miriam Molina »

I am really keen on starting this series. I thought Gentech was over with the violent escape of Kata and Tau. But it's clearly not. I hope the two find peace at last. Or does their peril extend to Book 3?

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Post by Bookworm101520 »

This book sounds fascinating! Your review made me really look forward to getting to know these characters. Thanks for an awesome review!

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Post by Tonze »

This is not my genre but i believe that it will be enjoyable to people who like science fiction novels and i appreciate the author's work.Thanks for the review and congratulation BOTD

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Post by Jsovermyer »

This is the second book in the Project Tau series. Everyone is raving about how good these books are. Since I love sci-fi, I think I would enjoy this book. Congratulations to the author for being chosen as BOTD. Thanks to the reviewer for your excellent review.

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Bertha Jackson
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Post by Bertha Jackson »

This sounds like an interesting book, but I am not sure I can get into cloning projects. Thank you for your review.
Bertha R. Jackson :D
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Post by Hames »

This sounds like a good book although I haven't read the first book, I have read reviews recommending. I have a sense of humor so I can't wait to read the book.

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Post by Lunastella »

The descriptions allow the reader to feel like he or she is part of the story. The comparisons she makes are like nothing I've ever read. For example, when talking about one of the languages, the character says it's like "Gollum with hiccups." Another language is described similarly. It "sounded like a cat that couldn't make up its mind if it wanted to hiss, purr, or hawk up a hairball."
That's hilarious. And I'm glad that the author created well-developed characters and approached meaningful topics, instead of focusing just on the high-tech part of sci-fi.
Thank you for a great review!

Holly Bernier
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Post by Holly Bernier »

After reading this review and not being a fan of sci-fi, I may have to check this one out. Stories that you get lost in and enjoy are always good reads. Great review!

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Post by Habiblahi »

After reading Project Tau, I couldn't wait to read the sequel. I agree with your comments about this book. The author writes in an engaging way, and I wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen next. The quote about different languages was one of those "laugh-out-loud" moments! Great review! I am looking forward to book three!!

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Post by sylvia+cummings »

Homecoming is a Sci-Fi/Fiction Book which tells of Project Tau, Kalin Taylor, a college student who was trying to sneak into Gen Tech in order to pledge a fraternity. He was found experimenting on being believing that he was an elone like his roommate, Project Tau. In the sequel Homecoming, Tau and Kate have finally broken free of Gen Tech. Those two must not be captured.

It further tells when the tension reached an all time high, Kate or Tau said something of making you burst out laughing. A very exciting continuation.

Thanks to the Author

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