Official Review: A Prince of a King by Gene Abravaya

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Official Review: A Prince of a King by Gene Abravaya

Post by Juliet+1 »

[Following is an official review of "A Prince of a King" by Gene Abravaya.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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In the kingdom of Bandidon, populated by many humble peasants and a few aristocrats, identical twins vie for the throne vacated by their recently deceased father. Prince Bryand, intelligent and chivalrous, was the king's choice, but rascally Prince Daron steals his twin's identity, locks Bryand into the deepest dungeon, and is crowned king.

Bryand escapes his cell and flees the castle. Encumbered with a widow and two rowdy children that he has promised to protect, he sets out in search of allies who will help him retake the throne. While dodging Daron's pursuing soldiers, he and his protégés encounter obstacles in the form of floods, wolves, giant lizards, man-eating monsters, and more.

Meanwhile, Daron recruits several confederates to hunt down and eliminate Bryand and his allies. Enjoying his new status, Daron pays court to his twin's lovely fiancée, MeAnne, with whom he has long been infatuated.

Will Bryand find help? Can he elude his pursuers? Will Daron be able to sustain his masquerade? Can he trust his accomplices? Only time will tell.

One of the best features of A Prince of a King by Gene Abravaya is the author's use of wordplay in a way reminiscent of Piers Anthony and his land of Xanth. Not only do all the characters have distinctive personalities, but many also have names indicative of a particular characteristic, such as Malady, the sickly widow under Bryand's protection; Nightshade, Daron's poison specialist; and Sanctimonious, head priest of Bandidon's 183-god religion. Place names sometimes receive the same treatment. A dip in Lake Imakidagen, for instance, can restore youthful vigor.

Humor is another appealing element of this entertaining fantasy adventure. Even in the most serious circumstances, whether battling Woolly-Bullies or fleeing the Gormandizer, the participants continue to exchange witty comments. And the book's steady flow of bathroom jokes may amuse some readers.

The most important factor in the success of this novel, however, is not the magic, monsters, or mayhem. It is the truly engaging characters and their understandable aspirations, emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. As the story moves along, each person faces challenges that promote growth and self-awareness. Even wicked Prince Daron begins to consider the consequences of his behavior.

A Prince of a King deserves 4 out of 4 stars for its superb worldbuilding, realistic and relatable characters, and clever wordplay. Readers who appreciate lighthearted fantasy stories or humorous adventure tales will enjoy this book. The writing is smooth, and the editing is excellent, with just a few minor typos that do not cause any problems.

A Prince of a King
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Post by Prisallen »

The author seems to be very imaginative, with a good sense of humor. This is a combination that I enjoy. Thanks for the wonderful review!

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Post by xoxoAnushka »

Your review was too enjoyable. Is there any romance in it, even the tiniest bit? I'll put it in my TBR list.

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Post by jskrrrrt_ »

The book is indeed amazing. I adore the author's creativity, because I can see the passion and the touch of euphoria by creating this book.

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Post by Juliet+1 »

xoxoAnushka wrote:
01 Feb 2020, 00:19
Your review was too enjoyable. Is there any romance in it, even the tiniest bit? I'll put it in my TBR list.
There is just a tiny drop or two of romance, not enough to satisfy a serious romance addict, alas. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. :D

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Post by Julius_ »

The characters seams well developed. Especially now that their names reflects on their characters. I would like to read this too. Thanks for the review.
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Post by inaramid »

This reminds me of the film The Man in the Iron Mask. I love the premise here and the treatment of the characters. Not so sure about the bathroom jokes. And a 183-god religion? That' Thanks for this engaging review!

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Post by Ellylion »

A good fantasy read with humorous adventures sounds very tempting! :) Thank you so much for this review!

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Post by MsH2k »

I had no idea this was such an interesting read. How fun! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for a great review!!

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Post by AvidBibliophile »

That could be the start of a good, medieval joke: “Many humble peasants and a few aristocrats” walk into a tavern... haha :wink: Sounds fabulous! And successfully “sustaining a masquerade” can be real tricky business! It’s nice to hear this one was an enjoyable and well-written tale.

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Post by sanjus »

Nice premise wherein a kingdom populated by many humble peasants and a few aristocrats the identical twins vie for the throne sounds interesting. Hope you enjoyed the story.
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Post by slowpoke123 »

Fantasy adventure is my favorite type of story to read most of the time and this has that element based on your review. Now I can't wait to read it and have my mind dive into there world

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Post by espo »

I'm not a fan of fantasy, but it's good to hear that the author put effort into character development as well as in creating an exciting plot. Thank you for an insightful review!
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Post by readerrihana »

Sounds like a book that can be read on a dull day, when one is bored...for those who like fantasy.

The review is well written thanks for writing it

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Post by Aniza Butt »

I adore humour and wordplay in a book. I also like round characters and amazing world building. So from now on, it is on my ever increasing Want-to-read list😀.
Thanks a lot for an insightful review Juliet☺.
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