Featured Official Review: The Hand Bringer

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Featured Official Review: The Hand Bringer

Post by sarahmarlowe »

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "The Hand Bringer" by Christopher J. Penington.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The Hand Bringer by Christopher J. Penington is a fast-moving fantasy action novel. Not only does the author combine secret government technology with time travel and vampires, but he also throws in suspense, loyalty, and a bit of romance. This book seems to have it all!

It begins with police officer Peter Hadrian responding to a disturbance where two officers are already down. There, he meets with a formidable opponent he later discovers is a vampire. He and his loyal friend Luke are taken for medical care and end up in a secret government bunker. After much persuasion, Peter and Luke accept that vampires not only are real, but they are a modern-day threat. The two agree to help combat the spread of vampirism by going to the heart of it, Romania.

Along with several scientists, the pair fly to Romania, where they are trained in customs and combat so that they can go back to medieval times. When they go, they are protected by a type of anti-vampirism inoculation to help safeguard them as they endeavor to complete their mission. What is their mission? To kill Vlad Dracula and prevent vampirism from taking hold in the world.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. While reading most of the book, I found it hard to put down. The final quarter or more of the book, though, dragged for me. There are several battles, and they are all described in detail, one after the other. I found myself wishing the plot would hurry and get to the anticipated clash with Dracula.

The characters are likable, although I found them to be a bit stereotypical. Peter has superhero strength and noble intentions. Boriana and Elizabeth remain the courageous, honorable women who suffer for love. Nevertheless, the author is true to his characters, keeping them true to their personalities throughout the book. For instance, Luke always sounds quite cultured when he talks (He reminded me of Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday in Tombstone.), Peter never abandons his mission, and Boriana loves Peter even when she’s a vampiress. (This isn’t a spoiler. She’s a vampiress when we initially encounter her.)

The Hand Bringer is full of Christian overtones. For instance, a prophet speaks to Peter about redemption through the blood of The Messiah, and the group of soldiers has communion with him. It seems to add little to the story itself, but this recurring theme is hard to miss. However, these scenes aren't evangelistic, and I believe that readers not of the Christian faith would be able to enjoy this book.

Prospective readers should also know that there is a good deal of profanity, but it isn’t overused like in many action novels. There is also some gory violence, as there are many battles. Finally, the book includes sexual situations, including rapes, but they are not graphically described.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I am taking a star for both errors and the repetitive nature of the last quarter of the book. The errors were not numerous, but there were more than ten, and another round of editing should be able to correct the minor punctuation issues. I started to give two stars because of one massive issue: the author never tells us what “Hand Bringer” means. Peter, the Hand Bringer himself, even wonders aloud what it signifies. I kept waiting for it, but I never found it. However, even with that oversight, the book is too enjoyable for a two-star rating.

I recommend The Hand Bringer to people seeking a fun adventure. This book is much longer than an afternoon read, but it is one that will engage readers quickly, and they will want to read over many afternoons. People who don’t like fantasy should stay away from this one. The author combines vampires, time travel, and romance. Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy!

The Hand Bringer
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Post by La Cabra »

I don't think there are many people out there that despise vampires quite as much as I do, but wow, this book sounds very interesting! Most vampire books end up being bad romance stories, but this book sounds like it has so much more to offer. Particularly, time travel; I really like books that combine sci-fi and fantasy.

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Post by esp1975 »

I think the dragging at the end would get to me. It sounds almost like the author was trying to meet a word count goal with one detailed battle after another, instead of skipping at least one, in order to move the plot along. I would also be annoyed at not know what "the Hand Bringer" meant. So maybe I'll skip this one, but I am glad you liked it.

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Post by Juliet+1 »

I usually like vampire books, and I'm okay with sex and profanity. But all those battles? Hmmm; I'm just not sure. Thanks for a very helpful review.

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Post by Falconcrest »

This is actually an amazing book. Initially, I thought it would be a long read but once I dug in. I couldn't put it down and thanks for an amazing review.

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Post by LeDiplomatique »

The Hand Bringer is a great read. Even though i am not into vampirism reads, i could not put this one down.
Your review has brought out the content of the book so well. Congratulations.

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Post by magnello »

I don't mind fantasy or even books specifically about vampires but I'm not usually interested in gory battle scenes or stories that have overt Christian overtones. I would probably not enjoy reading this book, but appreciate the well written review.

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Post by Lychelle »

Thanks for the helpful review. I'm a huge fan of vampire novels but not sure of this one with the latter part being drawn out as you described but may give it a try.

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Post by missfrombliss »

The idea is not new, but I come to appreciate a good honest, action packed, vampire book. I thought of giving it a try but I am not sure will I get through the amount of profanity it has...

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Post by Dorcas Serwaa Adu »

OMG. Romania yaaaay!
Vampires? I so have to get a taste of this💘

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Post by Tyrese2020 »

I love vampires, I love the movies, books and shows this book is 4 stars out of 5 needs more details

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Post by I_Am_Israt »

The Hand Bringer by Christopher J. Penington is a fast paced thriller. I liked the historical fiction part of this novel, this novel took me back to the days of Dracula.
I just loved the characters and the story plot, i really liked the time travel part. :D
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Post by kdstrack »

A vampire story, with Romania and Dracula included! You had some great insights about this book. The profanity and rape scenes make me think twice about picking up this one. Thanks for your honest review.

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Post by BasilTanko »

These brief Review has turned me on :roll: I have great affection for Vampire Sagas, Nice review

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Post by Kabui-nj »

Sci-fi books are not my type although this book sounds interesting. Great review.

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