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Review by Fares Shipaxu -- We are Voulhire: A New Arriva...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "We are Voulhire: A New Arrival under Great Skies" by Matthew Tysz.]
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The following review looks at the fantasy book We Are Voulhire by Matthew Tysz.

The author tells the story of the Emperor of Lullabies.

He had over three sons and sensed they might have planned something to take over and thus he allocated islands to each one of them. The sons took advantage of the lands and the people they were given to protect and turned to each other through fighting.

Voulhire was ruled by a king and was considerably liked by his people.

The virtue that differentiates monarchy rule from political rule. As the former is always treasured by the citizens in that it does not promise them with the impossible and the latter makes promises to get to ruling and fail to deliver.

And there is Galan (Matthew) who never wondered why life was the way it was because he liked it that way. I would say he was a resilient human being, and without a doubt, I agree with such an experience because I lived it. It may have somehow made him humble.

Even in the monarchy ruling, the rule of law is upheld, and this meant getting the right and competent people to deliver on such duties. The capital city of Voulhire, Soulhire got a new judge, she was young and vibrant.

Seemingly, no ruling is ever perfect as there are always those who feel that that rule is not enough for the citizens. Because lord Eldus came to the island city of Hillport with a different perspective than that of the monarchy rule and promised to bring change to the area by joining the reign of leadership. His vision was of a politician.

Meanwhile, Galen settled at the place where there was no fresh water in the houses.

Eldus’ son started making moves in leadership tasks and called for medical cover at his University by new leader. The new leader did listen to the son, after all change is what he wanted when he took over Hillport.  Moreover, his son revealed that he was more ambitious than his father was.

The leader visited the harbour and the schools and discussed the issues they faced while they were under the previous leader who still reported to the king.

Galen and Rowan looked for answers of a certain rock by consulting with church leaders.

Eldus may have received hesitancy from parents but he got their support with what he was trying to find on what the previous leader, Orlin did to the children (who was believed to be a paedophile). The children, on the other hand made the search for answers difficult as they could hardly remember what was done to them.

Eldus addressed a congregation to highlight what he had planned for the island but while he was still in the process of the event, they were attacked.

The previous ruler of the island of Hillport resurfaced and asked the captain at the harbour to say his greetings to Eldus.

The king of Voulhire did not know that Hillport was destroyed until Maido came over and told him about it. He felt the island was better off without political involvement.

I admired the characters in the novel most especially that Matthew, as Galen looked for answers for things that did not make sense to him at an older age. Clearly, this made him keep the humbleness he had always had since childhood as he got things done with them. Aside from the missing publication data, i expected to read what the four sons of the emperor did after the wars they raged among themselves did after they ended. I would have also liked the paedophile case solved, and those involved implicated. But overall, the story is thrilling for my 4 out of 4. I would want those that believe in monarchy ruling read this book and I would not recommend it to those in political ruling belief as politics in the story is clearly repressive to citizens’ welfare.

We are Voulhire: A New Arrival under Great Skies
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