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Re: Please tell me your favorite Fantasy Author

Post by uyky » 12 Jan 2018, 11:53

For me that would be Tolkien, Robin Hobb, I love C.S. Lewis (Narnia) and Lyman Frank Baum(the land of Oz, Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials). Also Ursula K Le Guin, Rowling, Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl), Pratchett and Douglas Adams. But there are so many more.

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Post by Doxiedoc12 » 14 Jan 2018, 08:05

Its hard to pick just one! Of course, I love CS Lewis, JK Rowling, and Christopher Paolini. I retread their books every year. I have also found Chandra Hahn (Unfortunate Fairytales Series) and WJ May on Amazon. I have enjoyed reading their books.
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Post by AbbyGNelson » 18 Jan 2018, 19:26

Terry Pratchett
Neil Gaiman
Brandon Sanderson
J. R. R. Tolkein
Patrick Rothfuss
Orson Scott Card

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Post by P0tt3ry » 28 Jan 2018, 16:31

A. Merritt was one of my earliest favorites. His fondness for adjectives can made the novels drag on, unless you read them out loud, but the short stories are, in my opinion, better than Lovecraft. Ursula Le Guin, Jim Butcher, C.J. Cherryh, and Greg Bear are on my permanent shelf as well. I wrote my first fan letter to Isaac Asimov in the early 1970s so he's also on the list of favorites. Upon reflection, there is an army of favorite writers feeding my book addiction.

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Post by S_Mulla » 06 Feb 2018, 12:29

James Patterson... His Maximum Ride Series and Witch and Wizard Series are the best Fantasy books I have come across.

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Post by Libs_Books » 01 Mar 2018, 11:07

ButterscotchCherrie wrote:
19 Jul 2017, 06:16
Ursula Le Guin: she builds worlds beautifully and her themes are very profound. "The Dispossessed" is one of my favourite books ever.
Yes, she is excellent and The Dispossessed is one of the best, though I also like The Left Hand of Darkness - seems to me that that was the one that got most mentions in the recent obituaries.

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Post by Sarah G » 01 Mar 2018, 11:35

I've got so many authors that I love but the one author that I know I will just adore any book he writes is Brandon Sanderson. His world building is brilliant and so believable that you just fall right into the story. I'm on the second to last book of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and am dreading the end to the series. I want it to keep on going...
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Post by Ameesa » 19 Mar 2018, 14:34

Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time series
Brandon Sanderson - Anything in his Cosmere
Lewis Carroll - Alice books
J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter series
J.R.R. Tolkien
Tad Williams
Stephen R. Donaldson
John Varley
Mercedes Lackey

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Megan Elizabeth
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Post by Megan Elizabeth » 25 Mar 2018, 18:27

Fantasy has many elements that can be brought to life, if the story is told by the correct person. My personal favorite fantasy author, currently, is Sara J. Maas. She has a few series out and she has a wonderfully open view to how she thinks. Her books are based typically about Fae, or faries. There is also a lot of romance and the morals of Maas's books are usually relevant to life, though they are fantasy.

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Post by Helen_Combe » 02 Apr 2018, 03:28

Foe me, nobody will ever surpass C.S. Lewis.
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Terry Pratchett’s disc world novels are absolutely wonderful too.
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Post by Allie_L » 08 Apr 2018, 19:33

Right now my favourite is Scott Lynch, author of the Gentlemen Bastards series. He managed to create such a well rounded and logical world despite the illogical, but what really makes the series what it is is the characters. The way the main characters interact together creates some of the best dialogue I've ever read, as well as some of the most creative curses!

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Post by Ojosazulesma » 10 Apr 2018, 12:25

I was drawn to the YA Fantasy genre as a teenager reading the Xanth Novel series by Piers Anthony. I thought my taste in literature had changed through the years until my daughter traduce introduce me to PC Cast through the Vampire Academy series. I truly thoroughly enjoy reading young adult fantasy series books. I am currently looking for my next new YA Fantasy adventure series

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Post by tevinamunga » 18 Apr 2018, 03:41

I'm more of a sci- fi guy and J.K, Rowling's work on the harry potter sequel is just but amazing... a feeling of another mystical world that feels so real

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Post by JMethot » 23 Apr 2018, 01:04

How does one choose only one favorite? Of course J.R.R. Tolkien would top the list. I've read most of Jim Butcher's Dresden books, and I've just read the Furies of Calderon. Excellent writing, a very new magic system, and danger for the heroes! I enjoyed the Magic Kingdom for Sale series by Brooks; it's a delightful mix of modern and fantasy. The Kelley Armstrong novels are fun, full of mystery and sometimes steamy; good for a rainy weekend. I'm STILL waiting for the next book in Game of Thrones; the TV shows have passed by the books. In all, I mostly want a fantasy world where the heroes are in danger, but manage to win the day, especially with a surprise or two. Recently I've read Desert Rising in which the big cats choose partners among humans to work magic. I found the premise very well done.

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Post by thaservices1 » 29 Apr 2018, 08:53

Tough choices. Anne McCaffery is just about a classic in my mind, just a tremendous amount of solid works in her dragon series. I read them young and they still hold clear in my memory. Tolkien of course. Robert Jordon's Wheel series I am halfway through, and already he tops my list. Rowling's Harry Potter series is just fantastic. Dick I recently discovered in written form, he is truely amazing, though I consider him more on the Scifi side of things. Douglas Adams too, best writing, but I think Scifi. I have to include Orson Scott Card since he did move into fantasy with Enchantment, not my favorite of his books, but it was rather good. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, which everyone calls Game of Thrones after the first book, is, I gotta say, pretty darn incredible, though it too, I am only four books into. It's just so darn gruesome though, but that IS the story and not thrown in totally for shock value. Garon Whited is quickly becoming a favorite, thanks to this bookclub for the discovery, he has a fun fresh take on fantasy. Oh and let's not forget Anne Rice, though I tend to think of her work as Erotica. Stephen King as well, his works ARE fantasy, though creepy as can be.
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