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Review by Anisa_Sadaf -- We are Voulhire: The Fires of V...

Post by Anisa_Sadaf » 28 May 2019, 09:27

[Following is a volunteer review of "We are Voulhire: The Fires of Virko" by Matthew Tysz.]
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“A Predisposition towards money and success did not have to mean a departure from God” - The Eiodi. The second book in the series We Are Voulhire revolves around this very quote. Virko is the city which represents success and money. It was built by Lord Venden who had now developed it into the most prosperous city in the kingdom. Though prosperity was seen in its capital, the people of Virko lacked in faith towards God. This lead to chaos. Life is nothing without a little chaos. But when it gets out of hand, things can go spiraling down.

The virtuous Lord Venden had fallen ill. Before he was to die, he had insisted on an incursion. His only child Hans Hrelek was to become the new Lord. But this agoraphobic virtuoso has plans of his own. Amidst this incursion, Galen arrives at Virko for matters which will help him serve his land but rather gets caught in uncertain events. The story moves on as the city faces tension due to the dark forces.

Matthew Tysz’s We Are Voulhire: The Fires of Virko is just as exciting to read as the first book. It delivers the thrill that every reader longs for in a fantasy novel with ease. It is a perfect addition to the first book and carries the plot line in an exciting and nail-biting way. Also, the author’s wit complemented the progression of the story pleasantly.

Dalehei Meldorath, one of the antagonists; and my personal favorite, appears for a limited time nevertheless lives up to his reputation; maybe even raises the bar. He reveals that there is more to his dark demeanor; attributes that complement it. And one of which is madness. As Aristotle had said: No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness. Meldorath is undoubtedly a mastermind.

While Lord Meldorath shows off that he isn’t the most feared dark mage for no reason, Galen shows development in his character as well. This lad, who had found a home in a new land, isn’t as timid as he was. He shows courage and muscle to stand up for his friends against the dark entities. Though there is a change in him, his humbleness and innocence are the same as they always were. The bond he forms with the people around him is notable. Someone who shares the same humbleness as Galen is Lord Kayden. Though being one of the rich men in the city, his attitude towards the people around him is meek. Kayden's character is elevating. It is almost inspiring.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the second installment of this series. I liked everything about it. It was a fantastic follow-up. Except for little typing slip-ups, the book was well written. I would gladly rate it a 4 out of 4 stars. To all the fantasy world aficionados, this series is for you. And to those who are not a fan of the fantasy world, give it a try. However, heads up to readers who are sensitive to violence as the book does contain a bit of it.

We are Voulhire: The Fires of Virko
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