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Review by Serah94 -- We are Voulhire: A New Arrival unde...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "We are Voulhire: A New Arrival under Great Skies" by Matthew Tysz.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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When I began reading this book I thought that the story revolved around Galen it does in some way however it is mainly about the kingdom of Voulhire. Galen has lived in the land of the princes he has known nothing else other than war in his brief life. However, an Uncle of his who discovers his existence through an executor who worked hard to find him offers him a chance at a new life in Magnum Calleum one of the cities in the Voulhire Kingdom. So Galum embarks on the journey to Magnum while on the voyage a curious old man entertains them with the stories of Voulhire he describes it a little boy with parents who died when he was barely able to stand but his strength and determination and with a bit of luck he defeated preserved all the challenges alone and is slowly becoming a man who must find his path. Voulhire consists of Soulhire it's a capital city, Virko, Magnum Calleum. Hillport, Yamon Soul, Ballerhal, Challethire, Gallador and Iseron

The ruler of Voulhire King Wilhelm is popular with his people because he has brought on the golden age for his people. He is literally regarded as an icon as with any kingdom politicplay the first hand and Voulhire is no different. In this context the political warring as subtle as it was between his majesty and the Minority knights who are tasked with their duties of confirming who would inherit the throne. This is actually a good thing that way madmen, false claimants, feuding heirs would be barred from inheriting the throne. As with any kingdom, Voulhire has its share of enemies too in the name of Meldorath and Riva Rohavi. Meldorath a once trusted general and loyal friend of the king turned traitor is a powerful mage. as the story is told he is now captured and imprisoned in a castle. He was the Magistrate of one the towns called Hillport that is braced for development under their new Lord Eldus Alderman. He is sent there to bring some sort of semblance to a town that has been tormented by its previous lords. Hillport was under the rule of a man whose perversions left the town embittered. At some point, the children of Alderman argue between themselves who is worse than a pedophile and the conclusion was Meldorath who was far worse. Lord Oldin who was the previous Lord before Meldorath was the pedophile. It is now left to Eldus Aldermann to help the town heal and turn it into a successful town. How did a general and a most trusted friend of the king turn into one of Voulhire’s greatest enemy the truth is the answer is not in this book. As I read the book however one thing became clear Meldorath was a powerful mage perhaps the most powerful. Voulhirians were afraid of him more so the people of Hillport. It is unclear why Meldorath chooses the quaint little town to wreak havoc when he could have chosen some other town such as Soulhire but am certain the answers lie in book two.

Then again there is the Roha Riva who is also an enemy to Voulhirians. This is, however, a feud that begun two thousand years ago under the rule of King Idus who founded Volhire. The Rohan Riva are the few who opposed him and suffered greatly for it. However, under new leadership, they have become powerful and when they plan and attack the small town of Hillport they cause substantial damage and kill the Lord Eldus alongside his family. I believe the word mage describes a magician or powerful witch or demigod as Meldorath is referred to. It seems that the Rohan Riva and Lord Meldorath have one thing in common to destroy the Kingdom of Voulhire and its King question is will they succeed? Find out in Book Two. WE ARE VOULHIRE A New Arrival Under Great Skies Matthew Tysz is a fascinating book. It caught my attention from beginning to end not surprising my favorite character is Lord Meldorath I really felt like there was more to the story on why he was hated so much and had something to do with the King. I did not appreciate the use of foul language do not misunderstand it is totally all right just in the right context. It felt like these people were ancient from a different time and so the foul language, in my opinion, did not apply. The map on the very second page helped me navigate through the cities and understand it better. The author also brought out the towns and its occupants in a vivid manner so it was not that difficult to picture them. Also, the Innocent Galen brought on a lot of humor with his ignorance. I loved the book cannot wait to get on with book two. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars

We are Voulhire: A New Arrival under Great Skies
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Thanks for the review! I've read the book and loved it! The we are Voulhire series is indeed addicting.
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