Official Review: Solar Winds: Providence Ends

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Re: Official Review: Solar Winds: Providence Ends

Post by Anthony__ »

This Sci-fi sounds intriguing... it will make a great movie.

Cross game
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Post by Cross game »

I wanted to try a book in fantasy genre and I think this book will be a great start

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Post by aolayide »

This book sounds weird but interesting and the plot is complicated. I would not say this is light read; I might consider it for future reading.

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Post by AvidBibliophile »

Pervasive nanites, ghost plagues, and a lizard-like race with regenerative properties?! Now that sounds like quite a complex sci-fi tale indeed.

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Post by Tamisha25 »

The official review is really impressive. What I picked up from the sample pages: the action is extremely complex following multiple heroes, a vast number of alien and human like races and well described superpowers. In short 2 nations are almost at war, in the eyes of the public they want to seem like their only goal is peace, but in fact they want something that the other has.

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Post by B Creech »

Thanks for the great review! I am not a sci-fi fan and honestly, this one sounds complicated to me! I know you said in the review that this one is in the middle as far as reading and understanding a sci-fi story, but somehow it was not sinking in for me as I read the sample! I will be passing this one up. I enjoyed reading your review! :eusa-think:
B. Creech

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Post by Momiji1987 »

This book sounds like a complex science fiction story with lizard men and all sorts of interesting scenarios.

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Post by MsTri »

Thanks for the very thorough review, but I don't think this is a book for me. Much like you've mentioned the two types of sci-fi, I feel two ways about sci-fi; I can take some and leave others. This one just seems like too much for me - too many threads, too many players, too much to keep up with in general - so it's a "leave it". It is good to know, though, that with so much going on, the book does NOT end in a cliffhanger.

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Post by hmorgan90 »

This book sounds wonderful! Great review. I had images of Halo and Ender's game flash through my head as I read the sample. This book will have to be places in my to-read list! :techie-studyingbrown:
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Post by tristenb »

It seems like you enjoyed the book. There was definitely a good balance of many things in this book: good guys vs. bad guys, too complex vs. very simple...It seems like the author hit a sweet spot. Thanks for your review!

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Post by Kajori50 »

The Hourglass Galaxy seems to be an interesting place to be.

Thank you for the great review.
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Post by Michelle Fred »

The plots seems to have lots of subplots, and it all sounds intricate and fascinating. I will definitely be delving in.

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Post by Washboard »

I am excited to hear that this book is a good balance of having a developed storyline without being overly complicated! I'll have to check it out! Great review!
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Post by Seamstress »

Sci-Fi/Fantasy is not really my preferred cup of tea, but on the other hand I always enjoy to discover new names in literature society. Since this is first book of the author I would have read current book just for sake of it, fortunately storyline is quite interesting as well))

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Post by BunnySTx »

Wow! It absolutely sounds like you enjoyed this book! I appreciate all of the detail that you included in your review of this book. Being a huge fan of science fiction/fantasy novels I'm eager to dive into this book and explore the characters and places described. Thanks for the awesome review!

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