Preference - fantasy or science fiction?

For March 2020 we will be reading books in the fantasy/science fiction genre.
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Re: Preference - fantasy or science fiction?

Post by DragonLight877 »

hsimone wrote:
17 Mar 2020, 10:46
DragonLight877 wrote:
16 Mar 2020, 12:20
hsimone wrote:
13 Mar 2020, 08:33

I was thinking The Hunger Games , The Giver, Divergent, and books like that.
I love The Giver series. I do think they are considered in the sci-fi genre if you ask me.
Oh nice! I did like The Giver. I tried reading the second in the series, but remember that I wasn't as big of a fan, so I stopped reading the rest. However, it's good to know that it can considered as science fiction since this is the genre that I tend to stay away from.
Yeah, there are 4 books, and they are all quite odd. The third one is also strange, but I really liked the 4th, The Son. You may be able to read The Son without reading the middle two.

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Post by Lesya77 »

My favorite is fantasy. If I could live in a world where such exist I would be happy. But I also read sci-fi because it also leads towards the unknown. But magic and mystery is my favorite place to live.

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Post by Kibetious »

A combination of both science fiction and fantasy make a good read. However, if I were to choose one it would definitely be science fiction.
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Post by NatRose »

I love both scifi and fantasy! I think fantasy is often a bit easier to read than scifi so I prefer it when I just want to escape to a new world and don't have the energy to think too hard. But scifi is often very meaningful and can make you think hard in a good way. Though, of course, I'm sure there are books in both genres that escape these generalizations.

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Post by slj3988 »

I prefer fantasy, specifically dark. I love some sci-fi too. It can be quite hard to find originality though.

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Post by tanner87cbs »

I would have to say that I prefer Science Fiction. I do like Fantasy, but, it does not compare for me.

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Post by Gravy »

It really depends on the specific book.

My knee-jerk reaction was to say fantasy (I definitely tend to read it more, just because it's easier to find ones that work for me), but I love a certain type of sci-fi so very much.
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