Review by ShailaSheshadri -- McDowell by William H. Coles

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Review by ShailaSheshadri -- McDowell by William H. Coles

Post by ShailaSheshadri » 16 Oct 2018, 11:35

[Following is a volunteer review of "McDowell" by William H. Coles.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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William H. Coles’s Mc Dowell is an intriguing novel that brims with emotions. Mc Dowell is the leading character of this novel. He was a famous surgeon who loved music and mountain climbing. He married Carole, a widow with two children. He had three children from his earlier marriage. Though all the children lived together with Mc Dowell and Carole, there wasn’t smooth bond among the family members.

Mc Dowell’s foundation was remarkably efficient and set up a hospital in Nepal. He stayed away from the family often, either performing his duties as a surgeon or climbing a cliff. His colleague helped him to secure a post as chair in the International College of Surgeons. In return, he was supposed to offer him a seat in the committee. Mc Dowell backed out of his promise, which led to an enmity between the two. His straightforward nature and his mistakes were responsible for the increasing hostility of the people around him. Consequently, he was charged for clinical misconduct that resulted in his demotion.

Mc Dowell's family was not bonding well. Also, he cared less for his wife and children. His clash with Carole resulted in serious family problems. His children were considering their own decisions because their parents were not guiding them. His grandson Jeremy killed ten children with his gun and injured himself and his mother. Out of desperation, Mc Dowell tried euthanasia with the boy which resulted in his own imprisonment. He escaped from the prison and wandered concealing his identity. As a fugitive, he met many people and gained new acquaintances.

While roaming, Mc Dowell wrote notes with the intention of publishing his memoir. He secretly contacted his children. It was absolutely dreadful, once a renowned surgeon now leading the life of hell! The reader may experience a great number of emotions throughout the novel. They might get confused while judging Mc Dowell whether he is bad or not. His nature appears complex. He served society in many ways but committed mistakes. Many questions arise! Will he be able to make the world desire him again? Will he rejoin his family? Follow the novel to know more!

Mc Dowell is an intriguing story altogether. This medium-length novel contains two main parts. The first part shows the leading character as a power-seeking and money-minded person. The second part portrays the consequences of his mistakes, realizations, and quest for redemption. The readers are left to deeply reflect on the protagonist's decisions in different situations, like, was he right? Or what could be the alternative?

William H Coles is a well-versed novelist. He is known for depicting vibrant characters which can stimulate the readers to feel like one amid his characters. He adopts a remarkable writing style that causes the readers to long for more and more of his books. I often select his books, as I love reading them and am familiar with his writing style. The way he presents the story is fantastic.

Not even at a single point, I felt the story boring. It was indeed suspenseful and captivating. It is the beauty of William Coles’s writing. He keeps the reader engaged throughout and urges the reader to think and feel for the characters. At many points in the novel, you will predict some conclusion, but the story mostly turns in a different way. This plot is extremely unpredictable. The story made me stick to the book. I felt cheerful, furious, and emotional at times while reading. This fictional tale kindles many questions on the importance of upbringing of children and bondage in the family. This novel caused me to reflect on how a person alters his lifestyle to befit himself to a completely different situation and how he tries to protect his life.

As said earlier, Coles writes spontaneously and his writing has a natural word flow. This story is written from a third person perspective. He employed simple words, and the reader will experience a familiar ambiance around while leafing through the book. I found a few grammar errors. However, they don’t pose any disturbance for the reading pleasure. In view of my previous observations, I wish to rate this novel 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to all who like to read a story that consists of romance, hate, crime, and mystery. This is a complete novel that can entertain anyone.

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